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School Shenanigans - Maddy Marks Ruler Spanking

Maddy Marks, spanking, m/f, wooden paddle

Maddy Marks is a frequent troublemaker and no stranger to the principals office. Reporting after class she receives a brief lecture before assuming the position with her hands against the wall. Her skirt is flipped up to reveal crisp white cotton panties. Measuring a long wood ruler shaped paddle across her pretty cheeks, before crashing down on her voluptuous cheeks. Not phased by the first set, her panties are lowered for the second set. She begins to whimper and cry out as her bare bottom is paddled.Finally allowed to stand up and rub her throbbing bottom before pulling her panties up and returning to class. A bonus camera angle gives you a very intimate view of her bare bottom being paddled, as well as standard views of her pretty face and swats as she endures her punishment.

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