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Bye Bye Michael

Vanessa, spanking, m/f, hairbrush

Get close to the action when Headmaster Michael gets dismissed from Girls Boarding School! What a disappointment for the one and only Headmaster Tom when he arrived at his institution for a quick fleeting visit - filth and squalor everywhere, and that beats everything: the residents of Girls Boarding School having a lazy time outside in the meadow, together with Michael, happily enjoying a beer in the sun!! THAT'S NOT Headmaster Tom's Girls Boarding School anymore! True to the motto 'A danger foreseen is half avoided', Headmaster Michael finds himself fired immediately, dismissed by a furious and mad Headmaster Tom, screaming at him angrily for disappointing him so much.Oh, and is this video about a girl being punished? Yes it is! Probably even the most severe bare bottom hairbrush spanking that you may have seen since a while, received by Vanessa from a highly frustrated dismissed Headmaster!

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