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Right Times

Spanking preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Louise

Someone is telling lies, but who? Louise is insisting she was home by 8.00 pm yet according to one of Headmaster Tom's trusted sources; She was seen in a club at 9.30. Therefore, HM Tom has returned to Louise, having left her lying on her tummy with a pile of pillows under her hips. Now he's asking her again, what time she was home. She's still adamant that she was in her room reading by 8 o'clock. He accuses her of being a liar and so the punishment starts. His leather belt strikes her across her quivering bottom, making the cheeks wobble as it makes contact.Then he tells her to open her trousers and get back into position, tugging down her blue jeans, he bares her bottom, that is looking very sore with signs of bruising. Stubbornly she's sticking to her story, so he warns her that this belting had only been for three to four minutes, but next time she lies, it will be more like twenty minutes. She agrees that she understands him. He leaves her lying face down on the bed, trying to rub away the soreness.

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