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A Stupid Decision

Natasha, spanking, m/f, belt spanking, leather belt

Headmaster Tom drags a fully nude Natascha into her own bedroom, telling her to kneel on the bed, facing the wall, she knows she's in for a painful punishment. Once in a position that HM Tom approves of, he tells her he's going to leave her for ten minutes and she mustn?t move an inch. However, the silly girl decides to make a bolt for it, through the window. When HM Tom returns, he's astounded to find one missing Natascha; With an open window and the curtain blowing about in the wind; It doesn't take him long to realise what's happened.He phones the Girls Boarding School Security Guard, explaining what the problem is, he tells him to give her no opportunity to escape again, but to bring her back to her room. When he returns an hour later, Natasha is once again lying on a piled up tower of pillows her poor bottom is fully exposed. He tells her that because of her stupid decision to escape, he is now going to use the belt; Originally he had been going to use his hand. The Security Guard made sure she was not going to escape again; By tying her wrists to the brass headboard, therefore when the belt landed on her quivering bottom, she didn't have much wriggle room, although she had a good try and had to be warned to keep her position.With a final six hard, fast delivered strokes of the belt, he leaves her to reflect on what had just happened. Telling her to report to his office in an hour.

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