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Bound tobe spanked

Spanking preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Justine

HM Tom and Mr Lewis are having a discussion. They agreed on how they were to go forward. Headmaster Tom calls up the stairs for Justine to come down. She joins them at the bottom of the stairs. They tell her that she has broken at least ten of the rules at Girls Boarding School and that is since her last punishment only a week ago. And now fighting and screaming at her teachers, will not be tolerated. The two men grab hold of an arm each and forcibly push her up the stairs. She struggles violently but to no avail.She is lying face down on her bed. Her ankles and wrists are bound so she can only move her hips from side to side. She is also gagged, so as she is being punished, all she can do is whimper. Mr Lewis when given the choice chooses the big wooden paddle while HM Tom has the small one. For every stroke of the big paddle, HM Tom gives her six of the small paddle. At the start of the punishment her bottom is still very red and sore from her punishment from the previous week. By the time her present punishment is over, her bottom is in a much worse state.She is left standing facing the wall, her bare bottom is on full display. She gently rubs it in an effort to rub away some of the pain.

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