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Nude at Daylight

Kailee Robinson, spanking, m/f, caning, severe

It's very early morning and Christine has decided to have a swim in the nude, after all who would see her at such an early hour? She enjoyed the cool waterswimming about, first on her back then doing breaststroke. Her naked form could be seen fragmented by the water, yet her pert breasts would break free of the water and be clearly visible. Getting out of the pool, she quickly towels herself dry, wrapping the towel around her, she goes indoors. She is part way up the stairs when Headmaster Tom comes out of his office and he asks her where she's going.The students at Girls Boarding School are not allowed to take towels up to their rooms. When HM Tom pulls it off her - can you imagine his surprise to find her completely naked? As she can't give him a satisfactory reason why she wasn?t wearing her bikini, it calls for instant punishment. Down in the cellar room, she waits nervously for HM Tom to join her. When he comes down he's brought with him a cane. He then proceeds to cane her severely. Telling her to count each stroke and that there will be at least thirty strokes.The cane comes down fast and hard. Poor Christine is in tears. Tears of pain and remorse. HM Tom leaves her with the instructions to remain in the cellar for an hour, then she's to report to his office and apologise.

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