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Sleeping Beauty

Spanking preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Elin

Michael just happens to be passing Elin's room and looking through the uncurtained window, he sees Elin is still sleeping. Poor Elin is in for a rude awakening. She is dragged from her bed and over Michael's knee. Her fully nude body wriggles about over his knee, while she protests that she is tired, due to studying late into the night. Michael doesn't buy that. He accuses her of being a lazy girl, who spent her evening watching naughty movies on the TV. First he uses his hand to redden her bottom.Despite her pleading with him to stop spanking her, he continues, saying he'll stop when he's ready to. Then telling her to stand up and fetch the hairbrush, she obeys him. Back over his knee, he uses the brush to make her poor bottom even sorer and redder. After she promises him to not stay up late again, he tells her to be in the classroom in ten minutes. She dawdles. Rubbing her bottom then putting on her snug fitting white knickers, another rub of her bottom, then she puts on her bra. Eventually, she is fully dressed and leaves her room to go to school.

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