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Wine & Belt

Spanking preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Lisa

Now why is Lisa creeping about Girls Boarding School? She is carrying a roll of sticky tape and a pair of scissors. She wraps some of the sticky tape over the front door lock, cutting off the surplus tape with the scissors. Then without hesitation she goes to the kitchen and takes a bottle of wine out of the fridge. On a nearby trolley she finds a large wine glass and puts the glass and the bottle on the kitchen table. Sitting down, she pours herself a small amount of wine and sips it. She obviously likes it because she pours herself an even more generous glassful.Sitting there, she sips the wine with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. Meanwhile, Headmaster Tom has arrived home. However, when he puts his key in the lock, nothing happens. So he tries another key, but with the same result. Oh dear! Poor Lisa, she forgot about the back door, because that's how HM Tom gets in. It doesn't take him long to suss out what she's been up to. He's annoyed with her for three reasons. Firstly, the wine was a present for him from a very dear friend Secondly, it's a very expensive wine and is over twenty years old and cost $200.Thirdly, as a student at Girls Boarding School drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. Ordering her to bend over a kitchen chair, he uses his belt on top of her blue denim shorts.

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