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Wrong Dresscode

Elin, spanking, m/f, caning, severe, otk

It's Elin's turn. Headmaster Tom is checking the girls clothing, as he does at regular intervals. He calls her to come in to his office. She comes in without knocking and has to go back out again to get it right this time. She knocks loudly and he calls to her to enter. He's checking everything, not just her clothing. He tells her to get her fingernails cut and to wash her hair every two days. Her shoes are a couple of years old, so he makes a note to get her new ones. Then he objects to her socks being dirty and they should be washed regularly.But when he asks to see her bra, she hesitates too long. This sounds warning bells, so when she unbuttons her blouse, he's not surprised to see her wearing a bra that is definitely not a suitable bra for a student at Girls Boarding School. However, worse is to come, she baulks at showing him her knickers, but he insists on her raising her skirt, this reveals that she has none on. HM Tom is disgusted. He believes that she wants him to see her with no knickers on and so spank her. Anyway, being a fair man he gives her her wish.Firstly, a hand spanking over his knee, followed by six strokes of the thin cane. She then has to ask him nicely to please use the thicker cane on her bare bottom. She has a very red striped bottom by the time the twelfth stroke has landed.

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