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Acting Sick

Camilla Scott, spanking, m/f, belt spanking, leather belt

Whilst waiting for Alex to return to home from work, her friend asks her to come round that night. Kissie knows that her and Alex were due to go round to see his family that night but would rather see her friend so decides to play ill when he gets in. Alex suspects from her poor acting that something isn't quite right and tricks her by peering through the door after giving her a pain killer. He watches her spit the tablet out and hide it under the bed. Confronting her immediately he finds out she has been lying and becomes very angry with her actions.He removes his belt and puts her over the edge of the bed before giving her several minutes of it across her bottom. As each minute passes the pain intensifies causing her to cry out and legs to kick out as she struggles to keep her bottom still. Feeling frustrated with herself initially for being found out, it soon turns to regret as she faces up to the fact that she has been a bad girl.

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