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Real Discipline Series: 21 Year Old Spoiled Allyssa's First Spanking

Allyssa, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, spanking

21 Year old Allyssa came out to California for discipline from Kyle when she heard through word of mouth he could help with even intense issues. Allyssa has grown up on her looks and none, parents or otherwise, really put their foot down with her that often. She is used to getting her way, and because of this, she has begun having horrible attitudes and fights with her bf because she doesn't get her way, and she wants to try to see if that can change. After talking about where her attitude stems from, Kyle takes Allyssa over his knee for her first real no-nonsense spanking past tears.By the end, she is kicking, crying, and wanting to make the changes she needs to make to better her relationship. A spoiled brat who always gets her way finally meets her match and receives a very badly bruised bare bottom, as well as a lesson she will never forget! A fantastic session!

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