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The Forgetful Caretakers: Episode 2

Johanna Sullivan, Tashia, Kyle Johnson, f/f, otk, outdoor, spanking

In 'Forgetful Caretakers: Episode 2', Johanna has just spanked Tashia soundly as Kyle looks on and prepares for his turn on the two naughty caretakers bare bottoms, and now the time has come for Tashia to have her chance and spank Johanna for Johannas part in the unfed horses. She is taken over Tashias knee and Tashia immediately shows that she was spanked, as she delivers a blistering handspanking to her friends LILY WHITE butt with NO REMORSE! After a minute, the jean shorts are pulled down due to Johanna wearing shorts with buttons when she got in trouble, so the shorts came down and Johanna is placed back over her friends knee for an even more squirm-filled session with Tashias heavy hand.Kyle gives his opinions and makes sure the spanking is being given without any remorse. When the panties are yanked down, a tear-filled spanking ensues as Johanna struggles and squirms and pleads to no avail. As the spankings are finished, Kyle reminds the girls that this was ONLY a warm up and that the real spanking from him individually was what comes next. The girls ask to do the spanking at the ranch as the sun was setting, so they set out back to the ranch for a complete tear-inducing blistering in part 3!

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