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Discipline Auditions: Kendra

Kendra, Kyle Johnson, spanking, m/f, otk, slipper, jeans spanking

Kendra stars in the first edition of Discipline Auditions. Where potential models who want to become regulars interview with one of the Disciplinary Arts Staff and fill out discipline request forms in different states of undress and different positions with MANY different implements and positions to choose from, as well as choosing the severity level of each and how many swats/how long they are spanked with each. Most girls who come in only come for discipline and are not regulars, so when they want to transition, they have to do a discipline request series.In Kendras request, she is given 4 sheets of paper: Over the Pants, Panties, Bare bottom and Nude. She must complete each of her choices fully in order to pass the discipline audition, and all implements and positions are supposed to be different so they get to experience new implements and positions as they are soundly spanked each time! The SEXY LITTLE Kendra starts in tight shorts and a loose little shirt, and proceeds to strip BUTT NAKED as she is spanked in various positions of HER CHOOSING with implements she wants to try out for the FIRST TIME on her PERT little BARE BOTTOM!

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