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Discipline Auditions: Lorelies Emotional Release Part 2

Kyle Johnson, Lorelie, spanking, m/f, caning

Lorelie is a young woman who used to see Kyle for discipline sessions and then disappeared when she got into a new relationship. She returns to him after realizing she has been acting jealous with her new relationship and that spanking is the only thing that works for her. She is going to be seeing Stevie in a Tears by Stevie session for her bad behaviors, but beforehand, she asks Kyle to get her into the headspace by pre-spanking her to tears before Stevie gets ahold of her. In this fantastic 2 part emotional release, Kyle makes Lorelie kneel and hands her three discipline request forms to help her take personal stake into her decision making, and she chooses what positions and implements she feels she deserves to put her in a headspace before her full punishment.Soon, Lorelie is kicking, sobbing and pleading over Kyles firm knee as her BRIGHT RED BARE BUTT is SQUIRMING and STRUGGLING to escape what she has earned herself: A BARE BOTTOM BLISTERING THIS NAUGHTY BRAT WILL NEVER FORGET, AND RIGHT BEFORE BEING PUNISHED BY STEVIE IN A TEARS BY STEVIE SESSION! A must see vid!

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