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Drunken Mistake Part 1: Preparing For Punishment

Stevie Rose, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, spanking

Stevie wakes up hungover and very naked, without any memories of most of the night before. When she puts on her robe and goes into the living room, Kyle reminds her that she took him out for his birthday, had too much to drink, and then was rude and went home, leaving him alone on his birthday. He got home and was going to spank her, but when he came to get her from the corner she was passed out, so he allowed her to wait until morning. He tells her to put back on the club outfit she was wearing the night before and wait in the corner.After getting dressed, Kyle reminds her to put on her boots as well, so she slides her long boots onto her feet and goes right over Kyles knee for a hard handspanking over shorts, panties and finally on the bare bottom as hard as he can with his hand, before picking up the hairbrush...

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