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Garage Sale Sorrows

Stevie Rose, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, severe, spanking

Stevie is having a garage sale to sell the extra stuff she has, and 'accidentally' puts all of Kyle's implements in his implement bag outside to try to sell it before her massive discipline session that she had coming in the evening. A customer comes up who recognizes the spanking implements and jokingly offers a dollar for all of them. Stevie says yes, and when the woman realizes she forgot her wallet, Stevie tells her she can have the entire bag of implements for free. Thinking she got herself out of her spanking, she sits down with her ladybug paddle ball game and continues the yard sale.Kyle comes out to check on her and find out where his implements went, and when she finally admits to what she did, Kyle throws her over his knee with the garage wide open for all the neighbors to see, and spanks her first over shorts and then on her bare bottom with the paddle ball paddle she was playing with til she is red in both the face AND bottom. A VERY PUBLIC BARE BOTTOM SPANKING WITH THE GARAGE OPEN! A must see!

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