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Hidden Implements - Naughty Kissie

Camilla Scott, spanking, m/f, otk, hairbrush

Naughty Kissie believes she can escape her punishments by hiding a couple of the worst implements that Alex uses on her. She doesn't hide them very well and Alex locates them in no time so confronts litlte Kissie to find out if she will come clean. Thinking that he could't have possibly found the implements she lies poorly to him and denies any wrong doing. Once he shows her the hairbrush and paddle, she feebly tries to detach herself from the crime, but does so without success. Her onesie is removed to reveal her smooth naked body, and reluctantly she does as told an bends over Alex's lap.After a quick hand spanking to warm her bottom, the hair brush is brought down across her round buttocks, causing Kissie to moan and wince in pain. Her frustration for not hiding the implements in a better place turns to regret as it quickly dawns on her that she shouldn't have ever tried to fool Alex, or more importantly try to lie to him. Once the hairbrush punishment has finished she is made to bend over the sofa arm and take a very hard paddling with the wood, her worst implement of all, which leaves her sobbing and feeling completely vulnerable.

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