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RDS Johannas Tolerance 2

Johanna Sullivan, Kyle Johnson, spanking, m/f, belt spanking, leather belt

In 'RDS Johannas Tolerance 2', Johannas severe punishment continues as after her leather strapping, up next is a warm up (hand over pants, panties and bare) followed by being propped over the back of the couch bare bottomed and getting whipped and belted soundly with Kyles thickest leather belt. After her very HARD and SOUND OTK spanking, he does what he promised and delivers a severe belting, Johannas first belting. It tears her flesh up as Johanna is SOBBING before the end of part 2, with a flaming marked bottom.She is given 15 minutes to recoup before the finale, which is a THICK WOODEN HAIRBRUSH to end the punishment and build her tolerance very high!

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