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The Good Care

Rose is in trouble again. She is waiting nervously for Headmaster Tom to come and discuss the problem with her. He comes into the room carrying an article of her clothing, which he waves under her nose. Telling her that today's lesson is to learn to take good care of her clothing. He can't understand why a girl of nineteen should be climbing trees in the first place and in her best clothes at that. Therefore, she is to repair the damage while being tawsed. As the tawse falls repeatedly on her bottom, she wriggles and squirms about, while screaming at the pain.This means she has great difficulty concentrating on the task in hand. Eventually she tells HM Tom that she has finished the repair. He inspects it; Even though he's not entirely satisfied he decides to let it pass. However, poor Rose thinks her punishment is over, but unfortunately for her it is not. She is told to lean over the arm of the sofa, putting both her hands flat on the floor. This makes her bare bottom easily accessible for the tawse. Telling her to count each stroke and say thank you for each one.She has to count twenty hard strokes. He bottom is getting to be a deeper shade of red each time the tawse makes contact with her bottom. HM Tom leaves her in that position to reflect on her childish behaviour, that he hopes will not be repeated.More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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