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Michael a master at Girls Boarding School is sat working on his laptop. There is a knock on the door, he shouts 'Come in' and a plump girl comes into his office. 'You wanted to see me' she stands in front of his desk. 'that's not the way to address me girl, it should be, you wanted to see me sir.' She just stands there with a smirk on her face. This annoys Michael. He tells her that there are another 124 girls at Girls Boarding School. 'Have you noticed anything about the other girls in the classroom or schoolyard?' She gives him a puzzled look. 'it's what you are wearing girl you are not allowed to wear your own personal clothing.' He looks her up and down, noticing how slovenly she looks. 'While you're here at Girls Boarding School you will wear the school uniform like all the other girls.' 'But it's so ugly' she protests, still with that smirk on her face. 'Are you finding what I'm saying funny' he asks. 'No' she replies. 'Then take that silly smirk off your face' he tells her. 'And I'm not interested in your opinion about the school uniform.It is in the school rules, you will wear the uniform in the classroom, the schoolyard and for all other school related activities. Do you understand?' 'Yes' she answers sulkily. 'Sir' he reminds her. Pushing a bundle of clothing into her arms, he orders her to go to her room and put on the school uniform. 'I want you back here in five minutes, then I will punish you' She hurries off to get changed. On her return, he again looks her over. Her tie is not fastened properly and he shows her how to do it.However, she still has that smirk on her face. Michael is determined to wipe it off her face. Telling her to bend over his desk, he pushes her school skirt up her back to reveal a pair of lacy knickers. He pulls them down to her ankles, urging her to step out of them. Flinging them across the room, he tells her she'll not see them again. 'Right Jessie, I'm going to cane you.' He brings the whippy cane down on her waiting bare bottom, time and time again; The angry red cane marks are clearly visible across both her cheeks.By this time, she is no longer smiling and assures him that she has learned her lesson regarding wearing the school uniform and being respectful to him and the other teachers. Giving her one more stroke of the cane, he tells her to go. Back in her room, she flings herself face down on the bed, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the soreness. She phones her friend and tells her what has just happened to her. Then tossing the phone aside, she gives in to a bout of crying.More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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