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New Resident Paulina

Headmaster Tom is opening the mail. A few bills, he just nods and grunts at them. Then suddenly he's in shock. He calls for Paulina to come down. He waves a phone bill under her nose and demands to know how it got to be nearly $1500. She hesitantly explains that she has been phoning her friend in Australia. Now HM Tom tells her she'll have to pay for it. She assures him she will pay it and asks to be allowed to go back to her room and get the money. On her return she has a bundle of notes in her hand.She slowly and carefully counts it out. There's a big shortfall. He is going to take it out on her hide, with the cane. At his bidding, she lowers her trousers and pulls her knickers down to her knees, then she bends over the armchair, with her lovely bottom well up and rounded ready for the cane. He has a choice of two canes. She finds the first one is quite painful, but when he changes to the thinner cane, she makes it obvious that it stings much more than the thicker one. She admits that her friend in Australia is a boy.So, HM Tom tells her to phone him and say goodbye, as her phone is being confiscated she won't be phoning him again. However, she must tell him about the caning she is receiving. Her friend on the other side of the world can hear her screams of pain as the cane lands on her sore red cheeks. Handing the phone to HM Tom she is ordered to kneel on the armchair and it is in that position she is left to repeat ten times?Stupid behaviour will be followed by a severe punishment.She had better get it right as HM Tom is only in the next room.More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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