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The CarpetBeater for Nicole

Spanking preview images, from Girls Boarding School, with:Nicole

A great movie about the double value of carpet beaters! It's the first week of the new month, so as she clearly knows it's Nicole's duty this week cleaning the carpets. But well, isn't it so much nicer hiding behind the house, smoking a cigarette and enjoying some music? Too bad that she was using earplugs so she couldn't hear Headmaster Tom approaching her, angry and mad as hell that the carpet beating is still undone, hours after she was sent outdoor for getting this started. A great opportunity for teaching Nicole that a carpet beater also qualifies very well for beating a lazy girl's bottom!No sooner said than done, several strokes later she finds herself finally beating the carpets, with a sore bottom, bared and exposed to everybody who can see her from the house and the neighbor's garden, with tears in her eyes, tears of pain and embarrassment...

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