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No doubt, Girls Boarding School was one of the first and one of the most important landmarks in the spanking community. Since more than a decade, Girls Boarding School is making a clear statement about how to punish and discipline defiant girls. Enjoy our exclusive previews of some of the best videos ever produced, in the infamous facility of Girls Boarding School.

GBS Classics - New Resident Bridget - Don't Touch The ComputerWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
GBS Classics - Kelly's FailureOh no! Kelly has failed her exams, once again! The reason is obvious, Kelly just didn't study and prepare herself doe the exam at all. Headmaster Tom sees no other option, an extensive spanking punishment that brings Kelly to tears is the only way to teach her a lesson.
GBS Classics - Stolen MoneyMr. Lewis finds an amount of 150$ in a hidden spot. Exactly the amount that got missing from his office a week ago. Coincidence? Certainly not. Mr. Lewis is not in a mood to listen to Lisa's lies anymore. A corporal punishment appears to be the only reasonable decision to deal with this matter.
All my workShe cries and jumps up after each stroke, but he is determined to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Although her bottom was already very sore from her previous spanking, now he brings back a flush to her cheeks.
New Resident MicaelaDespite her constantly pleading with him to let her go, he ignores her distress and carries on with the spanking. Eventually, he tells her to count the next ten strokes of the paddle and thank him. Punishment over, she is told to stay in position and reflect on her bad behaviour.
New Resident IrelynnBending over the end of the bed, with her face in the mattress, her poor sore red bottom is made even more red and sore as the leather paddle makes contact with it. She then has to apologise for each broken rule and promise not to do it again.
Nude at DaylightWhen he comes down he's brought with him a cane. He then proceeds to cane her severely. Telling her to count each stroke and that there will be at least thirty strokes. The cane comes down fast and hard. Poor Christine is in tears.
A Stupid DecisionThe Security Guard made sure she was not going to escape again; By tying her wrists to the brass headboard, therefore when the belt landed on her quivering bottom, she didn't have much wriggle room, although she had a good try and had to be warned to keep her position.
Bound to be spankedMr Lewis when given the choice chooses the big wooden paddle while HM Tom has the small one. For every stroke of the big paddle, HM Tom gives her six of the small paddle. At the start of the punishment her bottom is still very red and sore from her punishment from the previous week.
Shoeshine GirlWhen Headmaster Tom tells her to take down her trousers, the camera reveals her bruised and blistered cheeks, with red angry welts all over her madly gyrating bottom. And it just doesn't stop for this poor brat? Further fierce strokes with the cane to come on her naked buttock!
Outdoor CaningWatching Television, rather than doing the yard work? No girl, NOT a good idea! Watch Vanessa bent over with her buttocks exposed, receiving a hard caning outdoor in the garden for her disobedience.
New Resident LouiseHe tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.
GBS Classics - Personal RecordsImage from a GBS Classic Video. See Jane's sore and swollen buttocks after she received a long and severe corporal punishment from Mr. Lewis, for her ridiculous, irresponsible and unacceptable behavior. Her aching backside should make her being a better girl for a while.
Private Rooms - Aftermath PhotosWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
GBS Classics - Bridget's AddictionWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
New Resident JessieBack in her room, she flings herself face down on the bed, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the soreness. She phones her friend and tells her what has just happened to her. Then tossing the phone aside, she gives in to a bout of crying.
New Resident Lisa - Part IIThe leather paddle bites into her tenderised bottom. The strokes are delivered fast and hard. Her squeals are louder and echo down the corridors of Girls Boarding School. Yet he hasn't finished with her yet.
Quick and preciseUsing the leather paddle he hits her poor defenceless bottom several times, causing her to cry out in pain. Then to add more to the humiliation he orders her to lower her trousers and get back in position. Now the paddle is cracking down on her bare, bruised and battered bottom.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 81/100She tries to fake it, but he tells her they are not real tears and goes on with the caning. After each stroke of the cane, she jumps up out of position, her pretty face all screwed up. Eventually, the genuine tears start so he gives her two more strokes.
spankingseverewooden paddlemf spankingRated 85/100Leaving her standing there with her jeans and knickers round her ankles and her very red sore bottom on display, he tells her he'll be back in another hour and if she's still crying, she'll be left for another hour and so on. Will she ever stop crying?
spankingseverewooden paddlemf spankingRated 74/100Twice before she has come home late and been warned that there would be no more warnings. He brings the large wooden paddle down hard on her poor bottom. Apart from a squeal of pain she knows better than to move out of position.
spankinguniform spankingseverecryingtearscarpet beatermf spankingRated 78/100Beating out a rapid tattoo on her sore bottom, that has become red and blotchy with definite signs of bruising, she has stopped being rude and stroppy. He tells her that he's going to give her a final six strokes with the carpet beater. Obediently, she does exactly what he has told her to do and say.
spankingotkstrapmf spankingRated 86/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingotkstrapuniform spankingmf spankingRated 82/100By the time he has hit her already sore bottom a further half dozen times she is begging him to stop. However, as he tells her, he'll stop when he's ready. Now as the final part of her punishment she is going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on her sore red bottom.
spankingleather paddlemf spankingRated 79/100International phone calls without permission, for hundreds of Dollars! It comes as no real surprise that Headmaster Tom is not in a mood for a verbal warning anymore, but rather resorts to a corporal punishment with the paddle.
spankingasianotkjeans spankingasian spankingmf spankingRated 82/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingmf spankingRated 79/100She kneels on the couch and bends over the arm spreading her hands on the floor. She has already told him she wants a hand spanking, so he spanks her on top of her pink tight fitting knickers. He spanks her harder and faster, until she tells him she's had enough.
spankingstrappyjamasseveremf spankingRated 81/100Vanessa earning herself a severe corporal punishment on her bare bottom, every evening on 3 consecutive days before she goes to bed, with the strap, the leather paddle, the tawse and the bath brush. Severe stuff!
spankingcaningotkseveremf spankingRated 86/100Firstly, a hand spanking over his knee, followed by six strokes of the thin cane. She then has to ask him nicely to please use the thicker cane on her bare bottom. She has a very red striped bottom by the time the twelfth stroke has landed.
spankingotkhairbrushuniform spankingmf spankingRated 84/100After a while Mr Hyde picks up the hairbrush, and once again Kissie's bare bottom is subjected to even further punishment. By the time he is finished with her, the temptation to argue any further vanishes and instead she is left with a very sore and bruised bottom.
spankingotkhairbrushmf spankingRated 72/100Kissie is left with no choice but to hold on tight to Alex's leg and cry out in pain whilst he spanks her over his knee with the hairbrush over and over again.
spankingwooden paddlemf spankingRated 73/100The Headmaster hardly believe his eyes: the kitchen looks like a mess! Across his knees, a spanking on her bare bottom, followed by numerous blows with the large wooden paddle, is waiting for Simone.
spankingotkleather beltuniform spankingbelt spankingmf spankingRated 73/100A GBS Classic. Student Molly meets Headmaster Michael for a homework test... which she miserably fails! She earns herself a long OTK spanking over the Headmaster's lap, followed by an extensive and painful bare bottom punishment with a strap.
spankingcaningseverewooden paddlemf spankingRated 82/100Download this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out!
spankingleather paddleuniform spankingoutdoor punishmentmf spankingRated 83/100Lottie feels the sting of the paddle and the cane, for smoking. Great outdoor corporal punishment scene!
spankingpyjamascarpet beatermf spankingRated 84/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingstrapmf spankingRated 78/100A furious headmaster, applying a 5 minutes long and severe lashing on her exposed naked buttocks, is the result of her irresponsible behavior. A contented smile is certainly not what we will see on her face so soon again!
spankingstrapmf spankingRated 83/100HM Tom is angry with her for daring to wear such inappropriate clothing while she's a student at GBS. Punishment is immediate. She holds on to the mantelshelf while bending forward, he gives her a quick tawsing that leaves her with a very sore red bottom.
spankingcaningpyjamasmf spankingRated 84/100The cane comes down on her creamy white bottom, changing it to a deep shade of red. Although she cries out and flinches, she stays in position. To humiliate her further, HM Tom tells her to thank him after each stroke.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 83/100Her bottom is already bare, so he puts her over his knee for the obligatory hand spanking. He then moves onto using the cane. First the thick cane, then the thinner more whippy cane, that is much quicker.
spankingcaningseverejeans spankingmf spankingRated 73/100He gives her six strokes of the cane on her jeans covered bottom. 'Trousers down!' he barks at her, 'and get back in position'. The cane strikes her knickered bottom several times. When he pulls her knickers down, she protests, but is told to shut up.
spankingasianhairbrushasian spankingmf spankingRated 82/100She is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket. Her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 83/100Claire got caught watching a porn movie, with her hands suspiciously busy below the blanket. The Headmaster believes that girls below 21 are too young for this smut and decides that a caning should help her to get rid of her filthy attitudes. Wonderful aftermath photos of a well caned bottom.
spankingcaningotkuniform spankingmf spankingRated 75/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingcaningotkuniform spankingmf spankingRated 86/100Carol and Simone are due for a corporal punishment for stealing money. It's not the first time that this happened, so Headmaster Michael has no other option but to apply a long OTK spanking to both brats, and a severe caning to Simone as she was found to be the mastermind of this repeated theft.
spankingdiaper positionleather beltbelt spankingpyjamasseveremf spankingRated 76/100Watch Nicole being held in an embarrassing diaper position, for a strong punishment with the belt on her backside. Also don't miss the extra minutes at the end of this video, when Simone is putting lotion on the swollen bottom of her sobbing roommate.
spankingwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentmf spankingRated 71/100This day Headmaster Tom just didn't care about Sanna raising a hue and cry, when he was beating her bare bottom black and blue with a strap and the wooden paddle, straightaway out there in the garden!
spankingleather paddlestrapmf spankingRated 79/100The strap, the tawse, the leather paddle, continuously across her tight jeans and on her naked buttocks. You can clearly tell from Tinas reactions, sobbing and whining, that this was one of her most difficult punishments, to rectify her ssassy behavior.
spankingleather paddlemf spankingRated 68/100This time Headmaster Tom had enough. Again and again Maggy was leaving her bathroom in an entire filthy mess, ignoring all the warnings given before, again and again. This time there's no room left for further warnings and rebukes. This time a corporal punishment is due!
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 77/100Look who is sitting there at Girls Boarding School again, with a heavy list of offenses, misconducts and wrongdoings in the past 24 months, including multiple times in prison! So a reset to zero for Claire, to start all over again, to learn how a young lady is expected to behave.

Girls Boarding School
Oldies but Goldies

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Spanked At Home

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Jul 01Bedtime Beatings Two - Step Sisters Suffer Together - Stevie Rose - Veda RoseVeda is draped across Stevie's lap, held in place for the cruel strap. When she kicks defiantly under the pain, her thighs are punished as Stevie looks on miserably. Veda cries out as her succulent bottom and thighs are punished. She promises to get along as she cries through her final strokes.
Jul 01Wear Ladylike Panties - Part 1The night before they spoke on the phone and Ziva explains to Summer about the punishment they are to receive the next day. It's Summer's first spanking and she's anxious about the experience. Zive tells her she will be spanked, paddled and belted and then Ziva will follow.
Jul 01Paige's Naughty KnickersPaige thought she was long past the age of getting her bottom spanked. When caught stealing it was made clear that no she was not too old! Made to wear an embarrassing pair of knickers that were cut out so only her buttocks were exposed she had to bend over for an over due spanking to her cheeks.
Jun 28Stevie Rose Naughty List Paddling - OTK Pajama PaddlingRed plaid pajama pants outline Stevie's curly little bottom, thin fabric skin tight for the paddle. A wooden paddle swats her deserving cheeks as she lays across daddy's lap. The swats fall firmly, flattening her pert little bottom. Rolling up his sleeves, she knows she's in for a thorough paddling.
Jun 28Time For The Paddle - Parent's Credit Card FinaleAfter being spanked, belted and strapped by the Resort Disciplinarian, Sage and Zelda drape themselves over the couch, bare bottoms up and open, and take a good paddling from the leather teardrop.
Stevie Sneaks In Late - Disciplinary PaddlingAfter Veda is sent upstairs, punished for covering, Stevie finally shows up home. In a scandalous sheer top, her dad know she's been up to no good. With her hands on the wall, her bottom pushed out for a painful strapping as she is scolded. A hard paddling soon as her jumping in pain.
Naughty Kiki- Brutal Bare Bottom Strapping - Lessons - 2Shorts and panties pulled down past her thighs, Kiki is fully exposed for the punishing licks of the thick strap. Her bottom is already on fire from the Discipline over her shorts . He will punish her bare bottom without mercy, a well deserved bruising and welting till she can't take any more.
Clueless Blonde Spanked - 50 From The Belt 20 From The Prison Strap - Part 1After a long OTK spanking and 50 lash belting, she is put in the humiliating crouching position, elbows on her knees so her bare bottom is sticking out for the heavy prison strap. Her panties are stuffed into her mouth. She is flinching, begging, squirming and crying by the end of the belting.
Casey Calvert Is The Dean's Secretary - Spanked, Belted, Strapped, And PaddledThe Dean plans to punish everyone involved but first, his Secretary (Casey Calvert) is going to be punished in front of the Administrator (Stevie Rose) to give her an idea what is coming. Casey gets a long, hard OTK spanking on her skirt and then bare bottom.
Daddy I'm Sorry - Brittany Shae Caught Sneaking Out'Daddy, I'm sorry' Brittany pleads as his big hand smacks down. Embarrassed as he spanks in between her legs. 'Do you need my belt?' he asks, ordering her to remove her top. Laying the stingy leather across her backside, she yelps furiously, melting in shame as he removes her panties.
Blommin EckRosaleen is caught in someone else's boyfriends apartment and that girlfriend is not happy so she takes her over the knee and gives her a good hand thrashing for sleeping with someone else's boyfriend! She also gives her a few strappings before bending her on the bed for a real strapping!
Spandex Strapping - Face Cam - Stevie Rose Personal TrainingStevie takes a hell of a strapping, face down over a balance ball. Caught in a lie, she is still dressed in a sports bra and spandex shorts. Her bottom is pushed up, legs spread, precariously balanced for harsh discipline. The thick strap cracks down on her deserving bottom.
Ass Whipped Raw - Pain Slut - 2The collision on bare flesh explodes in the small room, falling hard and fast. Gasping in pain, her as jiggles under the brutal impact. Switching sides to punish each cheek equally, she lets out a moan with each heavy lick. Catching her breathe, a scorpion whip begins to punish her angry red flesh.
Hard Hairbrushing And StrappingRiley is procrastinating on some projects and is spanked and strapped hard to motivate better performance.
Crawford Bare Bottom DetentionThe headmaster found out about her bad behavior and they decide that a punishment is in order. He first gives her a firm spanking and then she gets the slipper. The headmaster finishes with his cane on her sore red backside.
One Night Stand, One Morning Bending OverKyra came home in the morning fully disheveled after spending the night out with a one night stand she met in a bar. Chelsea takes the loose little lady over her knee for a sound reminder to never put herself in such a dangerous situation, especially without letting anyone know where she is.
Selfie Sluts Spanked - Maddy And LizzyCaught taking provocative pictures in revealing outfits, they find themselves bent over the couch for a painful application of daddy's strap on skimpy shorts. A good old fashion paddling with the drilled Frat Paddle lights a fire on their naughty bottoms.
Ten Amorette Needing Some AttentionChelsea is appalled when she catches Ten sex skyping with a complete stranger over the Internet. She, of course, cares too much about Ten and her safety to allow that sort of behavior!
She'll Be Thankful When It's OverAndy Moon has been a pouty, ungrateful mess! Chelsea knows when it's time to create a little gratitude. Bratty Andy gets a Thanksgiving day spanking that spanks the brat out of her and the gratitude in... and then some!
Keeping Up Her EndThe unprofessional behavior and resulting loss of her job leaves Chelsea on the hook for the entire month's rent and possibly more, depending. The spanking ensues and it doesn't go lightly, either. A hard hand spanking, followed by a good dose of a wooden hairbrush puts Dorothy back on track!
Belted And Strapped - Parent's Credit Card - Part Two - Leather PaddleAfter long OTK spankings, the naughty girls who stole their parent's credit card and spent over $7000 at a ritzy resort during Spring Break are given a good belting and strapping across bare asses in exposed positions. Watch those naked bottoms jump and move every time the leather bites naked skin.
Punished For AbuseHazel is lying on the bed, removes her knickers and begins to pleasure herself, as she is enjoying her finger she gets caught! She knows she's not suppose to do that and to show her a lesson she is bent over the bed for a very hard hand spanking on her bare ass!
Defiant Schoolgirl Spanked - Lola's Broken CurfewLola has been sneaking in late on a school night, caught and confronted by and angry dad. In her school uniform, hair in pigtails, she is defiant as she is thrown across his lap. Pleated skirt flipped up, his hand slaps down hard on her defiant bottom.
Boss Gives Wet Panty And Penalty Swats Part TwoKat partied too much and it has affected her job performance. The boss paddles her over her skirt (with her watching between her legs), over wet panties and on the bare bottom. Then the boss makes her straddle a chair and hang her wet bottom out for more paddling.
ADVERTIZE HEREYoung wife Lulu has agreed to take part in a face to face survey about people's porno watching habits and what they do with their sex lives. She is a little astounded by how little the researcher seems to know about the various kinks and just what people get up to behind closed doors. Is this for real or is the interviewer really that naive? The subject gets round to CP, BDSM and spanking and here the researcher has it seems little or no knowledge. Lulu is quite eager to help her to a better understanding of this subject and soon finds herself over this rather bossy ladies knees getting as good a spanking on her knicker clad and then her bare bottom as she has ever had. Has this lady really not spanked a bottom before?TermsLegal InfoPrivacyCookiesDMCASite LinksNews PageFree SitesNew ModelsFriend's SitesLinksSearchWebmasterAbout UsAdvertize With UsLink ExchangeBuy this domainSocialNewsletterShareContact