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No doubt, Girls Boarding School was one of the first and one of the most important landmarks in the spanking community. Since more than a decade, Girls Boarding School is making a clear statement about how to punish and discipline defiant girls. Enjoy our exclusive previews of some of the best videos ever produced, in the infamous facility of Girls Boarding School.

How many more you deserveSo she has no alternative but to agree to what he is saying. The cane comes down hard on her taut rounded bottom. Too soon, she endures many more strokes of the cane than she needs to. Eventually, she screams out, 'enough sir' while the tears run down her cheeks.
Bad End NoonerDragging her off the bed, he pulls her over his knee. His big hard hand soon changes her creamy white bottom to a fiery red. However, she struggles so much, he puts his right leg over both her legs and so is able to have more control over her. She is crying uncontrollably.
100 with the leather beltKissie is instructed to lean over the sofa while Alex pulls her skirt up to reveal her tight round buttocks and administers several minutes worth of hand spanking until they turn to a dark shade of pink.
Beachday Gone WrongThis day Headmaster Tom just didn't care about Sanna raising a hue and cry, when he was beating her bare bottom black and blue with a strap and the wooden paddle, straightaway out there in the garden!
The Return Of ElinIt was years ago that Elin closed the door behind her, happy and relieved that her time in Girls Boarding School was over. Now all of a sudden she retuned, but with a letter from her husband, reporting a sudden and unexpected relapse into truculence, insubordination and disobedience.
Funny Signs - Photos PreviewAs Maggy can't give a reasonable excuse why she hasn't finished polishing the fridge doors, punishing her is a must. She is bent over the kitchen table and lifting her skirt - he starts reddening her plump bottom with a large leather paddle.
Bye Bye MichaelProbably even the most severe bare bottom hairbrush spanking that you may have seen since a while, received by Vanessa from a highly frustrated dismissed Headmaster!
GBS Classics - Enjoy The MovieClaire got caught watching a porn movie, with her hands suspiciously busy below the blanket. The Headmaster believes that girls below 21 are too young for this smut and decides that a caning should help her to get rid of her filthy attitudes. Wonderful aftermath photos of a well caned bottom.
Kailee The ShoplifterOrdering her to remove her trousers knickers and shoes, so that she is completely naked, she is to stand against the wall for two hours with her hands on her head. When her fellow students at Girls Boarding School come home – Christine and her very red bottom will be in full view.
Bedtime Trouble Day 2Leaving the tiptoe position would have a terrible consequence: the spanking would immediately start again right from the beginning, regardless of how many strokes have been received already!
GBS Classics - A Lesson In DetentionWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
Smoking causes painHe uses the back of a hairbrush on her knickered bottom, the strokes are fast. He's hitting her so hard the hairbrush comes to grief. She is lying face down on the bed and is told to keep that position while he goes in search of another hairbrush.
Study Times3 offenses at one time, ignoring to do their homework, watching television without permission and drinking alcolohol! So who would be surprised that only minutes later the 2 girls find themselves in an uncomfortable position, with their naked bottoms streched out, to receive a proper corporal punishment!
Carol & Simone in Trouble - Photo SetCarol and Simone are due for a corporal punishment for stealing money. It's not the first time that this happened, so Headmaster Michael has no other option but to apply a long OTK spanking to both brats, and a severe caning to Simone as she was found to be the mastermind of this repeated theft.
New Resident Lisa - Part IIThe leather paddle bites into her tenderised bottom. The strokes are delivered fast and hard. Her squeals are louder and echo down the corridors of Girls Boarding School. Yet he hasn't finished with her yet.
Smoking at the RiverLottie feels the sting of the paddle and the cane, for smoking. Great outdoor corporal punishment scene!
Cold ShowerThe cane hits her hard and she screams out in agony. Then he changes to a thinner cane, that is faster and much more stingier. Still not satisfied that she's had enough, he instructs her to lie on her back and hold her legs up in the diaper position. He delivers the cane strokes hard and fast.
Shoeshine GirlWhen Headmaster Tom tells her to take down her trousers, the camera reveals her bruised and blistered cheeks, with red angry welts all over her madly gyrating bottom. And it just doesn't stop for this poor brat? Further fierce strokes with the cane to come on her naked buttock!
spankingotkcryingtearsmf spankingRated 70/100Mr. Lewis finds an amount of 150$ in a hidden spot. Exactly the amount that got missing from his office a week ago. Coincidence? Certainly not. Mr. Lewis is not in a mood to listen to Lisa's lies anymore. A corporal punishment appears to be the only reasonable decision to deal with this matter.
spankingcaningotkseveremf spankingRated 86/100Firstly, a hand spanking over his knee, followed by six strokes of the thin cane. She then has to ask him nicely to please use the thicker cane on her bare bottom. She has a very red striped bottom by the time the twelfth stroke has landed.
spankingotkmf spankingRated 82/100Despite her pleading with him to stop spanking her, he continues, saying he'll stop when he's ready to. Then telling her to stand up and fetch the hairbrush, she obeys him. Back over his knee, he uses the brush to make her poor bottom even sorer and redder.
spankingcaningotkuniform spankingmf spankingRated 77/100Headmaster Tom marches Paulina indoors. In the hallway he insists on her removing all of her clothing. She is reluctant to carry out his orders, but one look at his face and she knows dallying is not going to help one bit. Now she is back over his knee for a spanking.
spankingcaningseverepantyhosemf spankingRated 75/100The shock was profound, a brief look at Sanna's XXL knockers confirms the whole story - a breast enlargement!! Well guys, since you know the story now, we believe you will no longer be surprised about what made Headmaster Tom applying Sanna's caning to this unusual extent and severity.
spankingcaningpyjamasmf spankingRated 84/100The cane comes down on her creamy white bottom, changing it to a deep shade of red. Although she cries out and flinches, she stays in position. To humiliate her further, HM Tom tells her to thank him after each stroke.
spankingleather beltbelt spankingmf spankingRated 87/100No later than 8 o'clock in the evening it's bedtime! Watch Elin struggling and whining while the belt is hitting her bottom again and again, until the bedtime rule is finally getting through to her.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 77/100Look who is sitting there at Girls Boarding School again, with a heavy list of offenses, misconducts and wrongdoings in the past 24 months, including multiple times in prison! So a reset to zero for Claire, to start all over again, to learn how a young lady is expected to behave.
spankingcaningoutdoor punishmentmf spankingRated 75/100He tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.
spankingcaninguniform spankingmf spankingRated 73/100Her bottom is bright red when he pulls out the cane and makes her bend over the chair. Immediately after the first stroke she gasps in pain and continues to gasp deeply as the cane impacts across her already sore buttocks.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 83/100Her bottom is already bare, so he puts her over his knee for the obligatory hand spanking. He then moves onto using the cane. First the thick cane, then the thinner more whippy cane, that is much quicker.
spankinguniform spankingseverecryingtearscarpet beatermf spankingRated 78/100Beating out a rapid tattoo on her sore bottom, that has become red and blotchy with definite signs of bruising, she has stopped being rude and stroppy. He tells her that he's going to give her a final six strokes with the carpet beater. Obediently, she does exactly what he has told her to do and say.
spankingcaninguniform spankingRated 71/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingcaninguniform spankingtawsemf spankingRated 86/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingwooden paddlemf spankingRated 73/100The Headmaster hardly believe his eyes: the kitchen looks like a mess! Across his knees, a spanking on her bare bottom, followed by numerous blows with the large wooden paddle, is waiting for Simone.
spankingleather beltbelt spankingmf spankingRated 84/100As a student at Girls Boarding School drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. Ordering her to bend over a kitchen chair, he uses his belt on top of her blue denim shorts.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 80/100Outtakes from Sanna's Real Life Punishment at Girls Boarding School. Long OTK and severe caning!
spankingasianuniform spankingcarpet beaterasian spankingmf spankingRated 83/100He asks her if she's going to behave in future and she quietly answers yes. Even though she has agreed to stick to the school rules, Michael says he's going to give her a final eight strokes of the carpet beater and she is to count each stroke and thank him for it.
spankingcaningotkstrapuniform spankingseverecryingtearsmf spankingRated 81/100He tells her that if she doesn't stay in place, the caning is likely to go on all night. With a super human effort, she manages to stay still and accept her punishment. When it is over, she is told to get into bed. Michael leaves her gently stroking her very hot sore bottom.
spankingcaningseverejeans spankingmf spankingRated 76/100This time she only hears her own whining and sobbing while the cane is relentlessly hitting her bottom, again and again, over her trousers first, followed by a caning on her bared bottom.
spankingpyjamascarpet beatermf spankingRated 84/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingstrapmf spankingRated 78/100A furious headmaster, applying a 5 minutes long and severe lashing on her exposed naked buttocks, is the result of her irresponsible behavior. A contented smile is certainly not what we will see on her face so soon again!
spankingasianhairbrushasian spankingmf spankingRated 82/100She is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket. Her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated.
spankinguniform spankingwooden paddlemf spankingRated 74/100It was Vanessa's last chance to pass her annual exam, after she failed miserably before. And this time Headmaster Tom is in no mood for joking, when he entered the room with 2 paddles in his hand! No certificate for Vanessa, but a corporal punishment, unexpectedly severe and unexpectedly long!
spankingcaningwooden paddlecarpet beatermf spankingRated 84/100Image from a GBS Classic Video. See Jane's sore and swollen buttocks after she received a long and severe corporal punishment from Mr. Lewis, for her ridiculous, irresponsible and unacceptable behavior. Her aching backside should make her being a better girl for a while.
spankingcaningseveremf spankingRated 85/100Since several weeks Simone is sneaking out of Girls Boarding School at night, meeting a stranger man downhill in the City for having kinky sex with him, as the diary explicitly details! A severe corporal punishment for Simone, resulting into a swollen bottom covered with weals.
spankingotkhairbrushuniform spankingmf spankingRated 84/100After a while Mr Hyde picks up the hairbrush, and once again Kissie's bare bottom is subjected to even further punishment. By the time he is finished with her, the temptation to argue any further vanishes and instead she is left with a very sore and bruised bottom.
spankingcarpet beatermf spankingRated 78/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingwooden paddlemf spankingRated 79/100She is now feeling guilty and believes that a session with the wooden paddle will help ease her guilty conscience. HM Tom lets her decide how many strokes of the wooden paddle she should receive. She accepts the punishment stoically.
spankingotkmf spankingRated 76/100He's determined to teach this girl obedience. He hand spanks her for ten minutes and warns her that at GBS she will be receiving a spanking every day for one reason or another for the six months she will be at the school.
spankingcaningmf spankingRated 81/100She tries to fake it, but he tells her they are not real tears and goes on with the caning. After each stroke of the cane, she jumps up out of position, her pretty face all screwed up. Eventually, the genuine tears start so he gives her two more strokes.
spankingleather paddleuniform spankingmf spankingRated 73/100She cries and jumps up after each stroke, but he is determined to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Although her bottom was already very sore from her previous spanking, now he brings back a flush to her cheeks.
Leg spread wide hard leather paddling for teen girl with ripe ass stuck well out
Humiliating punishment for school girl - blistered cheeks and exposed cunt
Spanked on her firm ripe buttocks otk - teen girl's camping trip ends in tears
Office punishments - legs spread wide and bent over the desk for the cane
Strapped on her naked ass in the bedroom - lesbian bitch delivers full force beating
Gorgeous girl restrained gagged and strapped on her big round bottom
Cowering young girl caned severely on the bare - hot stripes and deep welts
Sultry young girl bent over the desk and thrashed with a riding crop on her bare bottom - deep welts
Hard bare bottom spanking for naughty school girl with knickers down
Pretty girl paddled on her bare ripe ass in the gym - burning red buttocks
Pretty school girl caned hard on her stunning young ass
Stunning brunette touches her toes and exposes her ripe ass for the strap - burning hot cheeks
Pretty blonde school girl caned on her bare bottom plus palm strapping
Two navy girls strapped on the naked bottoms with three tailed tawse - hot red cheeks
Stark naked and ashamed - teen cutie caned hard on her firm ripe buttocks - deep crimson ass
Uniformed nurse paddled on all fours on the bed - burning buttocks on fire
Lazy girl sripped naked in the field and relentlessly caned on her very cute bottom
Spanked and strapped on her red raw bottom with tights and panties around her knees
Strict & humiliating bare bottom punishments for those who break the rules
Cries of pain from school girl spanked in the diaper position - fully exposed tight asshole

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Aug 12The Slipper, Paddle, Strap And Penalty Swats For Naughty Lola - Part 2Naughty Lola wants a good spanking after a long day at work. She gets a good OTK spanking over her dress, panties, and on the bare bottom. She is slippered, paddled with a leather paddle, strapped with a heavy prison strap and finally opens her naked bottom wide for Penalty Swats.
Aug 12Over Her Data, Over His Lap - Reyna Pays For Playing On Her PhoneLike many girls her age, Reyna is often found playing on her phone. Tired of her constant overages on her data plan, her Step Dad has had enough. Pulling her across his lap, her bottom stings under his hand as he scolds her to be responsible. His hand stings through her thin yoga pants.
Aug 09They Lost My Money In Vegas - Part 1Ashley Lane and Violet October took $500 or $600 I had left in the hotel suite and went gambling - they lost it all. They were punished hard! I spanked those naughty bottoms red, paddled them hard, and took out the prison strop (a two sided strap) and strapped those bare asses to boot.
Aug 09Spanking Bloopers - Casey Calvert - Very Serious Business Lingerie Spanking - BTSWhat started out as pretty girl Spanked in lingerie turns into a series of bloopers that were too funny not to share. A series of mishaps leave Casey with the giggles. A lovely view of this beautiful girl being spanked OTK in pretty pink polka-dot lingerie.
Aug 09Riley Starr - The Naughty CheerleaderRiley Starr, all dressed in her cheer top, introduces herself and lets you know she's been a very naughty cheerleader and skipped practice, so now she is going to get a very hard spanking. Her boyfriend Kyle comes in and tells her to get ready for her spanking.
Hiding The Report 3 – The PaybackAfter Auntie Katie catches Sally spanking her sister Honey she decides to take things into her own hands. But first she lets Honey get back at her sister and give you a proper spanking. Honey takes Sally over her knee for a long hard hand spanking on her bare bottom.
Punished For Impatience - Casey's Early Xmas Present - 2Over stimulated by her candy cane dildo and his fingers, Casey it pulled across his knee. Her ripe little bottom flushes red on the sharp swats. With the panties removed, he inserts the glass candy cane in her needy cunt. Her spanking continues, moaning, spread and stuffed
Spanked For Scratching The CarMaddy borrows Chelsea's car and returns it with a scratch on the bumper... Really? It's time for a hard hand spanking for the careless girl. This hand spanking leaves Maddy's bottom tender and hot!
The Spanking Hat Pull - Assignment #3For her final hat pull, after all she's endured, Kyra draws a paddling with a large wooden paddle (mercifully, OTK style, still it's quite a paddle). The game wraps up with a serious, hard paddling with that large wooden paddle! Is Kyra up for playing more games with Chelsea?
Cheergirl RivalsLola tricked her rival, Wynter, into wearing a retro style uniform to make her look silly but this backfires when the coach sees what she has done and decides that both these girls should see if they can take a disciplinary spanking instead, then maybe they can both make the team if they behave!
Johanna's Fucked Up - Part 2Johanna is QUICKLY brought to tears as the spoon turns her skin from a cherry red to a bruises deep red! Still the wooden spoon spanking continues as she bucks around and has to be held in place over her dom's knee as he tends to her naughty backside so she will never forget this lesson!
Valentine's Day SpankingStevie's pretty round cheeks bounce and flush under his attention. Paying special attention to her thighs, they are soon as red as her bottom as she yelps. Moaning with pleasure as he spreads her legs to caress and spank her pussy.
Let Us Prey - Apricot Wheelbarrowed OneWe all know Apricot is a mischievous, naughty girl, so it's not hard to see her as a girl at a strict Catholic school where girls like her are punished for drinking, vaping, and playing with other girls sexually. Enter the stern Miss Lovecraft's long, hard wheelbarrow spanking.
That Must Mean You Need A Spanking - Part TwoAs the erotic spanking continues, more sexy implements come into play. There's a stinging bit of caning, another paddling with a larger, more severe paddle and finally the requisite strapping! Mmmm and Ouch!
Apricot Needs A Spanking - Part OneApricot presents her pretty self for a sexy spanking and that's just what she gets. She drapes her sweetly attired self over Chelsea's knee and soon she's being paddled!
Can't Disappoint A Girl In Need - Part OneApparently, Maddy wants a spanking. Chelsea starts with a slow build hand spanking that soon has Maddy's bottom responding with the color of red. But, Chelsea wants Maddy to experience lots of spanking sensations, so out comes a thick wooden bath brush and, well, then a paddle.
Spanking Classics - Chelsea's Birthday Spanking 2005Clare Fonda give Chelsea a traditional birthday spanking with a twist. Chelsea must take the number of spanks that she is in years, but over and over with an array of implements.
The Spanking She Needs - Part TwoAs Luci's sensual spanking adventure continues, Chelsea has Luci placed in a vulnerable and most viewable position straddling a chair. There's more paddling with a larger, harder wooden paddling as Luci absorbs the sting and even nearly purrs! A most delightful spanking interlude indeed!
Jodie's DesireJodie is interviewed about how she got into spanking and her life before she was a spanking model. Jodie reveals that she loves to be spanked and controlled and it is her desire to find a man to satisfy her needs. Well we are just going to have to help her out with her problem.
Paige CaughtPaige was caught pleasuring herself during work hours and her boss if furious. Paige is bent over her desk and receives a firm thrashing. Then her boss takes the paddle to her bare backside.
Casey Plugged And Paddled - 2 Broken CurfewNaughty girls get their ass plugged and paddled Casey! With the giant plug deep in her naughtiest hole, he continues to paddle and strap her. She whimpers pathetically, humiliated and punished. See the shame on her pretty face and each swat on her stuffed bottom from both camera angles.
Principal Swats For Stevie RoseHe wastes no time getting to business, hard swats collide with her pretty round cheeks as she fights back the tears. Heart wrenching cries have a little effect on the cruel swats he delivers to this deserving slutty cheerleader.
Lazy SecretaryJodie must take it off all clothes and get naked for another round of hand spankings on her bare bottom as she's over the knee, before she is bent over the chair for some real discipline with the strap and then the cane as she's up against the wall!
The Cheeseboard IncidentSophie's pert bottom is red in moments, but she continues to deny that she's acted childishly breaking into Chelsea's home instead of just asking for her paddle. Well, Chelsea then has no choice but to put the large, heart-shaped wooden paddle to it's proper use. Cheeseboard indeed!
ADVERTIZE HERETake another look into the latest series of the strange world that is 'Catholic Discipline'. This time, we see poor Ella Raine falling foul of her strict Sunday School teacher, Miss Sky Terrapin. Miss knows this young madam has been cheating in the weekly exams. She decides to see if the schoolgirl will come clean to admit it, even swearing on the Holy Bible to tell the truth... but Ella sins once more, telling lies and Miss Terrapin has had enough. What sort of girl would lie to Jesus, lie to God? The only way to salvation for this miscreant is through a solid scolding and spanking which is how Ella ends up over the tall imposing teacher's lap. The church pew has never seen such rocking action from Ella's shaking booty as it is spanked a shameful, sinful red. The final part of Ella's absolution through spanking discipline is with the religious school's leather 'Strap of Redemption' as she is laid out on the pew for a thorough tanning of her sore, burning seat. Ella is one very sorry-looking young lady by the time Miss Terrapin finishes with her, leaving the sobbing girl to contemplate the sins of the day before she must attend confession later.TermsLegal InfoPrivacyCookiesDMCASite LinksNews PageFree SitesNew ModelsFriend's SitesLinksSearchWebmasterAbout UsAdvertize With UsLink ExchangeBuy this domainSocialNewsletterShareContactspanking