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Spanking NewsAAA Spanking600th Video Release out NowAAA Spanking has published their 600th video! And what better way to mark this with a stellar casting and a wicked storyline that has 3 naughty schoolgirls introduced to their new austere life with humiliating punishments for poor behavior. Starring Angelica Vee, Jayda Blaze and Kajira Bound.RelaunchedFree Site for Graias.com is backWelcome to the world of Dr. Lomp, the infamous sadist who you probably already know from the Mood Universe. If you are into hard BDSM, excessive spanking and extreme whipping, and we mean the real hardcore style to a level of insanity and madness… Dr. Lomp delivers!Read 18 moreElite PainAmanda & Ariel - Whipping DuelThe new Treasure Hunt game became a great success, and now we publish a special episode of this game: a duel between Amanda and Ariel. After they failed in each game, we decided to give them another chance in this special, duel format of our newest game.New Free SiteDiapered as a PunishmentWhen a bare bottom spanking punishment just isn’t enough. The next step beyond corporal punishment. Delinquent brats get their sore bottoms put into diapers after a painful spanking, strapping and caning.New Model Carmen at Clare Fonda PassShut Shamed RavenRaven has been sent to an experienced disciplinarian, Miss Elizabeth, by her husband for continuing slutty and promiscuous behavior. Miss Elizabeth is very equipped to teach this nasty slut a humiliating and long-lasting lesson. Miss Elizabeth's methods are working!English SpankersNew Model TammyAnother film in our Regression Sessions films where naughty ladies are regressed to their schooldays by a strict Mommy, strict but not very fair you might say. Mommy Sarah picks up a wooden paddle and really goes to town on this naughty bare bottom, a lesson will be given.New ModelDolliiy at Cheerleader SpankingsWelcome new model Dolliiy at Cheerleader Spankings. At the end of her first video, poor Dolliiy rubs her sore bottom and is embarrassed at how she got herself into a corporal punishment with her silly, selfish behavior!Welcome!Chrissy Marie Debut at Firm Hand SpankingSuper-hot Chrissy Marie Coleman looks so innocent in her check shirt, tied tight to show of her boobs, with denim shorts that accentuate a tight bottom. This Country Girl gets a wakeup call from John Friday: 'There's gonna be discipline around here for a change!' Over his knee, she's firmly spanked on her bare behind to adjust her attitude. Will it work?Out NowEpic Group Punishment VideoSarah Gregory Spanking has just published an amazing long-play group punishment video to celebrate their 500th HD Production. A masterpiece spanking video, full of non-stop epic spanking punishments for 5 beautiful girls. Check it out!Out NowCards of Pain Reloaded - LindaSecond episode of the Cards of Pain spin-off series, out now at Elite Pain. This time for the first time the three best dominas of the BDSM world ream up in a game against a player: Amanda, Ariel and Tatjana.DiscountATP Studios - 40% OFFAssume The Position Studios is offering a Holiday Discount Pricing for a short time! Hurry and join now, get your 6 months unrestricted membership for only $59.95!New Free SiteMy Cruel Domina - FemDomFree site of beautiful but strict, mean and cruel dominas! Face sitting, strapon anal fucking, face slaps, severe canings and most degrading treatments is what the slaves have to expect from these goddesses. No mercy and no breaks, but pure pain and pure humiliation.New Free SiteSpanked SecretariesLazy secretaries, apprentices and trainees receive corporal punishments from by their bosses, preferably in the form of whippings and bare bottom spankings, to turn them from useless office slackers into attentive, reliable and loyal employees.Feat. ZazieCards Of Pain 12 @ Elite PainYour favorite pain game returns with Zazie. This time you see the regular version of this game. The cute and innocent blonde this time plays against Amanda and Tatjana. Will Zazie be able to win the prize of the game? Zazie looks fragile but she can take a lot of pain.New ModelLily James at Firm Hand SpankingWelcome bratty beauty Lily James, the latest new model at Firm Hand Spanking. Lily is startled to be put across the Discipline Counselor's knee, pert bottom soundly spanked to teach her respect!New ModelAbigail Harding at Firm Hand SpankingA bottom-warming welcome to pretty Abigail Harding, who discovers that working for a wealthy country estate in England includes strict discipline. It’s special to see a total newbie spanked for the very first time: her embarrassment is perfect in The Estate. Philip Johnson spanks her creamy bare bottom a deep red, first over the desk then his knee.Treasure Hunt - New Show at Elite PainPilot episode of the brand new Elite Pain Game Show, out now! Darcia is the first player to tests the flow of this new game. She learns its difficulties the hard way.New ModelWelcome Madi LaineMadi Laine is a cute new worker that Madam Clare Fonda has taken under her wing. Watch Madi’s first OTK Spanking at the Clare Fonda Network.Welcome back Alison MillerOur Free Newsletter



No doubt, Girls Boarding School was one of the first and one of the most important landmarks in the spanking community. Since more than a decade, Girls Boarding School is making a clear statement about how to punish and discipline defiant girls. Enjoy our exclusive previews of some of the best videos ever produced, in the infamous facility of Girls Boarding School.

Private Rooms - Aftermath PhotosWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
Disrespectful JodieWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
The Single Malt OffenseWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
Study Times3 offenses at one time, ignoring to do their homework, watching television without permission and drinking alcolohol! So who would be surprised that only minutes later the 2 girls find themselves in an uncomfortable position, with their naked bottoms streched out, to receive a proper corporal punishment!
The TattooDownload this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out!
Bedtime TroubleVanessa earning herself a severe corporal punishment on her bare bottom, every evening on 3 consecutive days before she goes to bed, with the strap, the leather paddle, the tawse and the bath brush. Severe stuff!
A Beer in the SunNow she is told to lie face down on the bed and he goes onto using a carpet beater. Her beautiful shapely bottom is turned from a creamy white to a blazing red. Finally he advises her to take the last five strokes without fuss, and it will be all over.
Punished for DisrespectWatch Nicole being held in an embarrassing diaper position, for a strong punishment with the belt on her backside. Also don't miss the extra minutes at the end of this video, when Simone is putting lotion on the swollen bottom of her sobbing roommate.
A Beautiful BeltNow she is going to be punished, ten strokes for stealing and ten for lying to him. By the end of the twenty strokes, her poor bottom is cherry red, with angry welts across it. To further humiliate her, she is told to stand up, then lie full length over the bench but with her feet on either side of it.
A Stupid DecisionThe Security Guard made sure she was not going to escape again; By tying her wrists to the brass headboard, therefore when the belt landed on her quivering bottom, she didn't have much wriggle room, although she had a good try and had to be warned to keep her position.
The Return Of ElinIt was years ago that Elin closed the door behind her, happy and relieved that her time in Girls Boarding School was over. Now all of a sudden she retuned, but with a letter from her husband, reporting a sudden and unexpected relapse into truculence, insubordination and disobedience.
New Resident LouiseHe tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.
150 Blows With The Belt150 severe blows with the belt for Roseanna, on her bare ass, for skipping class again!
The Good CareShe is told to lean over the arm of the sofa, putting both her hands flat on the floor. This makes her bare bottom easily accessible for the tawse. Telling her to count each stroke and say thank you for each one. She has to count twenty hard strokes.
Bedtime Trouble Day 3Taken into diaper position Vanessa is receiving the drubbing of her life! A relentless fast beating on her bared bottom will finally ram obedience and respect into this spoiled brat!
Smoking at the RiverLottie feels the sting of the paddle and the cane, for smoking. Great outdoor corporal punishment scene!
Good News and Bad NewsLeaving her standing there with her jeans and knickers round her ankles and her very red sore bottom on display, he tells her he'll be back in another hour and if she's still crying, she'll be left for another hour and so on. Will she ever stop crying?
Swinging the LeadKissie is left with no choice but to hold on tight to Alex's leg and cry out in pain whilst he spanks her over his knee with the hairbrush over and over again.
spankingm/fotkstrapuniformRated 82/100By the time he has hit her already sore bottom a further half dozen times she is begging him to stop. However, as he tells her, he'll stop when he's ready. Now as the final part of her punishment she is going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on her sore red bottom.
spankingm/fcaningleather paddleRated 74/100Her white school knickers were round her ankles as she bent over; the skin covering her bottom stretched tight across her already red and sore bottom. But now the cane bit into her tender flesh, causing her to struggle to keep in position.
spankingm/fotkcryingtearsRated 82/100Dragging her off the bed, he pulls her over his knee. His big hard hand soon changes her creamy white bottom to a fiery red. However, she struggles so much, he puts his right leg over both her legs and so is able to have more control over her. She is crying uncontrollably.
spankingm/fcaningRated 81/100She tries to fake it, but he tells her they are not real tears and goes on with the caning. After each stroke of the cane, she jumps up out of position, her pretty face all screwed up. Eventually, the genuine tears start so he gives her two more strokes.
spankingm/fcaninguniformRated 73/100Her bottom is bright red when he pulls out the cane and makes her bend over the chair. Immediately after the first stroke she gasps in pain and continues to gasp deeply as the cane impacts across her already sore buttocks.
spankingm/funiformwooden paddleRated 74/100It was Vanessa's last chance to pass her annual exam, after she failed miserably before. And this time Headmaster Tom is in no mood for joking, when he entered the room with 2 paddles in his hand! No certificate for Vanessa, but a corporal punishment, unexpectedly severe and unexpectedly long!
spankingm/fcaningsevereRated 85/100Since several weeks Simone is sneaking out of Girls Boarding School at night, meeting a stranger man downhill in the City for having kinky sex with him, as the diary explicitly details! A severe corporal punishment for Simone, resulting into a swollen bottom covered with weals.
spankingm/fcaningcarpet beaterRated 83/100The carpet beater and the cane, full force on her bared buttocks! When Irelynn is leaving the Headmaster's office in tears she at least leaves with the 'good' feeling that bruises are guaranteed at least for the next full week.
spankingm/fcaningpyjamassevereRated 92/100Pulling down her pyjama bottoms, she lies face down over the pile of bedding; Her smooth pink bottom awaits her punishment. HM Tom puts the cane to good use. Bringing it down hard on her bottom, causing lines and welts to appear.
spankingm/fcaningsevereRated 82/100When Headmaster Tom tells her to take down her trousers, the camera reveals her bruised and blistered cheeks, with red angry welts all over her madly gyrating bottom. And it just doesn't stop for this poor brat? Further fierce strokes with the cane to come on her naked buttock!
spankingm/fseverewooden paddleRated 88/100Mr Lewis when given the choice chooses the big wooden paddle while HM Tom has the small one. For every stroke of the big paddle, HM Tom gives her six of the small paddle. At the start of the punishment her bottom is still very red and sore from her punishment from the previous week.
spankingm/fcaningsevereRated 84/100Losing patience with her, he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her knickers, while punctuating each spank with the words that corporal punishment is a universal language. Even while over his knee, she is defiant and protesting loudly.
spankingm/fleather paddlecryingtearsRated 80/100The leather paddle bites into her tenderised bottom. The strokes are delivered fast and hard. Her squeals are louder and echo down the corridors of Girls Boarding School. Yet he hasn't finished with her yet.
spankingm/fotkstrapRated 86/100Welcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
spankingm/fcaningotksevereRated 86/100Firstly, a hand spanking over his knee, followed by six strokes of the thin cane. She then has to ask him nicely to please use the thicker cane on her bare bottom. She has a very red striped bottom by the time the twelfth stroke has landed.
spankingm/fleather paddlediaper positionRated 87/100Using the leather paddle he hits her poor defenceless bottom several times, causing her to cry out in pain. Then to add more to the humiliation he orders her to lower her trousers and get back in position. Now the paddle is cracking down on her bare, bruised and battered bottom.
spankingm/fotkhairbrushuniformRated 84/100After a while Mr Hyde picks up the hairbrush, and once again Kissie's bare bottom is subjected to even further punishment. By the time he is finished with her, the temptation to argue any further vanishes and instead she is left with a very sore and bruised bottom.
spankingm/fotkRated 76/100He's determined to teach this girl obedience. He hand spanks her for ten minutes and warns her that at GBS she will be receiving a spanking every day for one reason or another for the six months she will be at the school.
spankingm/fwooden paddleoutdoor punishmentRated 71/100This day Headmaster Tom just didn't care about Sanna raising a hue and cry, when he was beating her bare bottom black and blue with a strap and the wooden paddle, straightaway out there in the garden!
spankingm/fcaningoutdoor punishmentRated 79/100Watching Television, rather than doing the yard work? No girl, NOT a good idea! Watch Vanessa bent over with her buttocks exposed, receiving a hard caning outdoor in the garden for her disobedience.
spankingm/fcaningsevereRated 87/100Emma is so deep in her video games, that she completely forgets that Headmaster Tom is waiting for her to show up in his office, to present her homework. A severe caning, full force strokes on her bare bottom, will hopefully teach her not to forget her daily duties again!
spankingm/fcaningsevereRated 76/100So she has no alternative but to agree to what he is saying. The cane comes down hard on her taut rounded bottom. Too soon, she endures many more strokes of the cane than she needs to. Eventually, she screams out, 'enough sir' while the tears run down her cheeks.
spankingm/fcaningotkstrapuniformseverecryingtearsRated 80/100He tells her that if she doesn't stay in place, the caning is likely to go on all night. With a super human effort, she manages to stay still and accept her punishment. When it is over, she is told to get into bed. Michael leaves her gently stroking her very hot sore bottom.
spankingm/fcaningseverejeans spankingRated 78/100This time she only hears her own whining and sobbing while the cane is relentlessly hitting her bottom, again and again, over her trousers first, followed by a caning on her bared bottom.
spankingm/fcaningsevereRated 81/100The cane hits her hard and she screams out in agony. Then he changes to a thinner cane, that is faster and much more stingier. Still not satisfied that she's had enough, he instructs her to lie on her back and hold her legs up in the diaper position. He delivers the cane strokes hard and fast.
spankingm/fblack girls spankingjeans spankingwooden paddleRated 70/100Reminding her that he's seen girls boobs hundreds of times, he orders her to bend forward, with her hands on her knees. Starting off with the leather paddle, he applies it to her jeans covered bottom. Fifteen strokes later and he changes to using the wooden paddle.
spankingm/fleather paddleRated 79/100International phone calls without permission, for hundreds of Dollars! It comes as no real surprise that Headmaster Tom is not in a mood for a verbal warning anymore, but rather resorts to a corporal punishment with the paddle.
spankingm/fotkleather paddlestrapRated 82/100Despite her constantly pleading with him to let her go, he ignores her distress and carries on with the spanking. Eventually, he tells her to count the next ten strokes of the paddle and thank him. Punishment over, she is told to stay in position and reflect on her bad behaviour.
spankingm/fwooden paddleRated 84/100Ordering her to remove her trousers knickers and shoes, so that she is completely naked, she is to stand against the wall for two hours with her hands on her head. When her fellow students at Girls Boarding School come home – Christine and her very red bottom will be in full view.
spankingm/fwooden paddleRated 73/100The Headmaster hardly believe his eyes: the kitchen looks like a mess! Across his knees, a spanking on her bare bottom, followed by numerous blows with the large wooden paddle, is waiting for Simone.
spankingm/fseverewooden paddleRated 74/100Twice before she has come home late and been warned that there would be no more warnings. He brings the large wooden paddle down hard on her poor bottom. Apart from a squeal of pain she knows better than to move out of position.
spankingm/fhairbrushRated 73/100Probably even the most severe bare bottom hairbrush spanking that you may have seen since a while, received by Vanessa from a highly frustrated dismissed Headmaster!

Girls Boarding School
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December 03Starlet Three - Intern Kate - Part 1Kate Kenzi plays a potential intern for our Starlet, Sarah Gregory. But during the interview she has to submit to a good spanking as that is the method of discipline used with Sarah. Pretty Kate is spanked by both Juliette and Sarah bare bottom, in the diaper position and then Penalty Swats.
December 03Daddy I'm Sorry - Brittany Shae Caught Sneaking Out'Daddy, I'm sorry' Brittany pleads as his big hand smacks down. Embarrassed as he spanks in between her legs. 'Do you need my belt?' he asks, ordering her to remove her top. Laying the stingy leather across her backside, she yelps furiously, melting in shame as he removes her panties.
December 03One Night Stand, One Morning Bending OverKyra came home in the morning fully disheveled after spending the night out with a one night stand she met in a bar. Chelsea takes the loose little lady over her knee for a sound reminder to never put herself in such a dangerous situation, especially without letting anyone know where she is.
November 30Kissing Mr. Johnson 2 - Jennifers BeltingJennifer is begging Kyle have mercy and that she learned her lesson, but he has no remorse as he drags her to the couch, pulls down her panties and takes her protesting over his knee. Her tans her with his belt until she is crying and promising to be a good girl for the rest of their relationship.
November 30Spank My Lady Parts To Climax 3 - Sarah Gregory - Part 2Miss Bernadette spanks Sarah's naked pussy, butt hole and bottom as Sarah has multiple orgasms. This is a very sexual, sensual film with some good spanking action. These were Sarah Gregory's first Penalty Swats and they are very intense.
Ivy's ExclusionAs she is taking her spanking, Ivy learns that for the next seven days that she is excluded, she will be getting a spanking each day at bedtime, in hopes that it will make a greater impact and she will try far harder to avoid exclusion in future!
The Lost BetJosh offers to make a bet... If his team wins, he has told this pretty clueless girl that he is going to give her a spanking... She accepted! He proceeds to tan her bare bottom soundly for losing the bet and finishes with a nice leather strap, helping teach THIS sorry girl not to bet!
Vibrator Found In Her Dorm - Part TwoKat turns the tables on Juliette and makes her stick her bottom up high, spread wide and uses a vibrator on her sex while paddling her pretty bottom. Breathtaking paddling then bare bottom Penalty Swats.
Naughty SecretaryAlexandria was suppose to be working in the office, but has been late and leaving early. She gets a choice to get a spanking or lose her job. She takes the spanking because she needs the job, taking down her jeans to her ankles and bending over to receive her good old hand spanking discipline.
Pandora's StoryPandora was always getting in trouble and getting thrashed! Her bottom is getting really red as the hand thrashing continues before she gets bent over and caned on her already red sore bare bottom!
A Bedroom Spanking3 Girls lined up and in turn each is punished on the bare bottom. The most severest caning goes to poor pretty Monica who is given a devastating thrashing with a thick rattan cane! A Classic movie which has been fully re mastered out now for full download exclusive to our members!
Sleepover Shenanigans - Bare Pink Bottom For LizzyMaddie adores the way Lizzy's round little bottom jiggles under her playful Spanks. Spanking games, pink bottoms and giggling soon become more intimate as her panties are removed. Erotic sleepover bedtime Spanking between two beautiful girls next door.
My Name Is EricaErica is about to be soundly punished with the cane. She bends over the stool and takes her knickers down, exposing her slightly reddened bare bum. Peter comes in with his multiple canes and uses them to thrash Erica's Bare bottom in a sound fashion.
Wake Up SpankingHe has come home to find Jemma sleeping when there are chores to be finished. He takes her over his knee for a hard spanking. Then he applies the strap to her bare bottom in hopes that she will learn to behave like a proper wife.
Spanking Chatty CathyChelsea is deeply involved in reading a novel, while Maci is deeply involved in voicing her pleasure in the day's comics in the newspaper. Each time she points out a 'funny', Chelsea is interrupted. Chelsea gives Maci a wake up spanking she won't soon forget!
A Spanking In The DarkKyle grabs his thickest wooden hairbrush and confronts the confused naked brat Stevie in the backyard during her nude gardening time, and when she admits to it, he drags the naughty naked girl into the unlit living room and spanks her by the light of the sun...
The Spanking Hat Pull - Assignment #3For her final hat pull, after all she's endured, Kyra draws a paddling with a large wooden paddle (mercifully, OTK style, still it's quite a paddle). The game wraps up with a serious, hard paddling with that large wooden paddle! Is Kyra up for playing more games with Chelsea?
Real Discipline Series: A Tearful Melody - Part 2 - The Final StrappingMelody has been sobbing since the start of her spanking, as her bottom is turning crimson red, yet her punishment continues. A new model with a history of spankings and unlimited potential is truly disciplined for her own benefit in this fantastic finale.
Kiss And Make UpShe is furious and before the girls can explain that they were just 'making up', Miss Simpson decides to take both girls over her angry knee for a bare bottom blistering with her hand and hairbrush that neither girls kisses will be ABLE to make feel better!
Bedtime Blistering Slut Bunny Stevie RoseStripped to her socks and bunny ears, a menacing paddle is measured across Stevie's swollen bottom. Kicking defiantly, he pushes her legs apart, holding her down to punish her sit spots. Her bottom jiggles and flattens under heavy swats with the bath brush.
The Cheeseboard IncidentSophie's pert bottom is red in moments, but she continues to deny that she's acted childishly breaking into Chelsea's home instead of just asking for her paddle. Well, Chelsea then has no choice but to put the large, heart-shaped wooden paddle to it's proper use. Cheeseboard indeed!
Chelsea Spanks Cherry TornCherry has done a lot of work for other fetish companies and is a good bit kinky, for sure. She's also quite lovely of face and body. It was pure pleasure to spank her. She melted into her hand spanking, as I covered her perfectly round bubble butt with my hand spanks. She reddened up very nicely.
School Girl MemoriesAs Cathy holds the slipper she gets a flashback from her last slippering and rubs her bottom before laying down and getting her bottom bared again for another spanking. It starts with a hand spanking before the slipper comes out to really thrash her extremely red sore ass!
Cum Whipping For Ivy - Punishment Ritual - 4Ivy Sherwood is overjoyed to be handed the Hitachi to pleasure herself as she is whipped. The lash of the whip falls rhythmically as she luxuriates in the buzzing between her legs. Her ass and thigh jiggle under the heavy whip, begging to cum. Finally given permission, she collapsed in ecstasy.