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New Resident Natasha

Is Natascha pretending not to understand Headmaster Tom when he speaks to her or does she really not understand him? She's a new resident at Girls Boarding School. One of the first things each new girl has to learn, is obedience. As HM Tom is speaking to her, she has her head down and her eyes are shifting all over the room. It's her expression. Sometimes, she looks stubbornly defiant, while at other times, her face registers bewilderment. When he realises he is getting nowhere with her, he calls in another resident Dana.Dana is to act as a role model for Natascha. The idea is that when HM Tom says turn around, hands on your head, Dana is quick to obey and Natascha should copy her actions. But, still she doesn't appear to understand. Losing patience with her, he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her knickers, while punctuating each spank with the words that corporal punishment is a universal language. Even while over his knee, she is defiant and protesting loudly. At times when Dana is demonstrating to Natascha what is expected of her, she gets his orders wrong, so how on earth is poor Natascha meant to learn?Once he's given her a very sore looking bottom, he has Dana get her to bend over the table for a caning. Now the tears come, however HM Tom believes they are crocodile tears so he carries on with the caning. If her bottom was sore as a result of the hand spanking, now it looks a hundred times worse. Dana is dismissed and Natascha is left alone with HM Tom. Leaving her facing the wall with her hands on her head, he tells her he'll be back soon. Has she understood what he has said to her?More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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