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A Beautiful Belt

Headmaster Tom returns to see how Maggy is getting on. She is lying full length over a wooden bench, her knickers are pulled down to just below her bottom, leaving her bare bottom fully exposed. He asks her if she is ready to tell him the truth about how she came to have this beautiful belt hidden in her room. She insists that she bought it with her spending money. He tells her he knows she is lying because he had checked up on the Internet and that belt cost $2 000. Therefore, a quick calculation and she is trying to tell him she saved up for four years for that belt.So why did she buy the belt? Was it so he could use it on her, as the cheaper belts are no longer having any effect on her? He starts using the belt on her. She yelps and squirms about, so he asks her again for the truth. She stubbornly insists that she bought it. Eventually with her will broken, she admits that she stole it. Now she is going to be punished, ten strokes for stealing and ten for lying to him. By the end of the twenty strokes, her poor bottom is cherry red, with angry welts across it.To further humiliate her, she is told to stand up, then lie full length over the bench but with her feet on either side of it. This allows him to see her shaved pussy. There she is to lie in that position for a further twenty minutes. Poor Maggy what on earth was she thinking when she stole that belt?More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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