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The Laundry Room

Headmaster Tom shouts for Jodie to come down to the laundry room. Unfortunately for her, in her haste to respond to his call, she forgets her manners and has to go out of the room, knock on the door, wait for his 'come in' then enter. Poor Jodie, she realises that HM Tom has called for her, but can't think what she's done wrong, this time. He tells her he's got some good news and some bad news for her, now she has a choice, does she want the good or bad news first. Rather hesitantly she asks for the good news.She'd lost her key the week before, now he's dangling it from his finger, she's relieved and reaches out for it, but he holds it out of her reach. Does she want to know where he found it? In the washing machine. And because of her carelessness, it had just cost him $300 to have it repaired. Sitting on the wooden laundry basket he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her blue jeans. Her squeals as his hard hand makes contact with her bottom fall on deaf ears. Then telling her to stand up and open her trousers, he yanks down her jeans and knickers, leaving them well clear of her bottom.The camera pans in on her pussy, which must have added to the humiliation for her. Back over his knee, he changes from hand spanking her to using a wooden backed hairbrush. Her bottom was red and looking very sore from his hand spanking, now it looks a hundred times worse, with raised welts and bruising. She is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket. Her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated.Will she be checking her pockets in future?More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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