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Maggy is lying on her bed watching a porn movie on the TV. A knock on the door and Headmaster Tom shouts asking her if she's all right. In a panic, she turns off the TV and lies down, shhh! She's asleep. But, HM Tom is not convinced. However, she tells him she's been studying and is now tired. She's been watching documentaries as part of her homework. She almost convinces him, but he's a bit suspicious. So he turns on the television and lo and behold her secret is out. Telling her it's disgusting, that kind of filth is not allowed at Girls Boarding School.She is going to be punished. Kneeling on the bed with her face buried in the pillow and her bottom well up, he first uses the thin cane on top of her shorts. After a couple of strokes she is told to take her shorts down. Each stroke of the cane leaves a bright red angry looking mark across her bottom and she squeals loudly, while her whole body shudders under the impact. She sobs that she is sorry, but HM Tom is determined to make her even sorrier. He changes over to the thick cane. This makes her cry; The tears are rolling down her cheeks.The last stroke is as always the hardest, she collapses in a heap on the bed, sobbing uncontrollably. He relents and tells her she can now watch the porn movie. But ?? Sitting on the hard wooden floor with her feet off the ground. She is to watch the whole of the movie in that position. Very painful, poor Maggy.More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

PACKAGE DEALPart of the VIP Package Deal - Get 8 Exclusive Sites in 1 Account
Nat says: Good try. I would not be afraid if headmaster tom caned me.
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