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Voluntary Spankings

Headmaster Tom is watching the news on the television, while relaxing with a quiet drink; there is a knock on the door. When he shouts 'come in' it's Christine. She is obviously very nervous and is hesitant to say why she is there. HM Tom is amazed and puzzled when she removes her jeans, folds them and puts them neatly on the coffee table. She tells him she's feeling guilty for breaking three windows in one month and believes a spanking will salve her conscience. He explains to her that breaking the windows was an accident, therefore not a spankable offence.However, she still insists that she needs to be spanked. So he tells her to get into any position she wishes. She kneels on the couch and bends over the arm spreading her hands on the floor. She has already told him she wants a hand spanking, so he spanks her on top of her pink tight fitting knickers. He's given her a dozen spanks that have made her squeal, but when he asks if that's enough she says no she needs more. He spanks her harder and faster, until she tells him she's had enough. Telling her to go and let him get on with watching the news, he turns on the television – but the news is over.Can you imagine anyone actually asking for a spanking?More Free Previews from Girls Boarding School

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