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No doubt, Girls Boarding School was one of the first and one of the most important landmarks in the spanking community. Since more than a decade, Girls Boarding School is making a clear statement about how to punish and discipline defiant girls. Enjoy our exclusive previews of some of the best videos ever produced, in the infamous facility of Girls Boarding School.

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The Laundry RoomShe is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket. Her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated.
Good News and Bad NewsLeaving her standing there with her jeans and knickers round her ankles and her very red sore bottom on display, he tells her he'll be back in another hour and if she's still crying, she'll be left for another hour and so on. Will she ever stop crying?
Bound to be spankedMr Lewis when given the choice chooses the big wooden paddle while HM Tom has the small one. For every stroke of the big paddle, HM Tom gives her six of the small paddle. At the start of the punishment her bottom is still very red and sore from her punishment from the previous week.
Wrong DresscodeFirstly, a hand spanking over his knee, followed by six strokes of the thin cane. She then has to ask him nicely to please use the thicker cane on her bare bottom. She has a very red striped bottom by the time the twelfth stroke has landed.
New Resident JustineDespite her constant apologies, her spelling goes from bad to worse. Eventually, he insists on her removing all her clothing, he intends to humiliate her, which he certainly does. As the broad leather paddle makes contact with her already sore bottom, she has to count each stroke.
Expelled from School - Part 1After a while Mr Hyde picks up the hairbrush, and once again Kissie's bare bottom is subjected to even further punishment. By the time he is finished with her, the temptation to argue any further vanishes and instead she is left with a very sore and bruised bottom.
Last Day of the MonthPulling down her pyjama bottoms, she lies face down over the pile of bedding; Her smooth pink bottom awaits her punishment. HM Tom puts the cane to good use. Bringing it down hard on her bottom, causing lines and welts to appear.
Playing GamesEmma is so deep in her video games, that she completely forgets that Headmaster Tom is waiting for her to show up in his office, to present her homework. A severe caning, full force strokes on her bare bottom, will hopefully teach her not to forget her daily duties again!
spankingm/fstrap 78.0%A furious headmaster, applying a 5 minutes long and severe lashing on her exposed naked buttocks, is the result of her irresponsible behavior. A contented smile is certainly not what we will see on her face so soon again!
spankingm/fleather paddlestrap 77.8%The strap, the tawse, the leather paddle, continuously across her tight jeans and on her naked buttocks. You can clearly tell from Tinas reactions, sobbing and whining, that this was one of her most difficult punishments, to rectify her ssassy behavior.
spankingm/fpijamaseverebelt spankingleather beltdiaper position 74.2%Watch Nicole being held in an embarrassing diaper position, for a strong punishment with the belt on her backside. Also don't miss the extra minutes at the end of this video, when Simone is putting lotion on the swollen bottom of her sobbing roommate.
spankingm/fbelt spankingleather belt 74.6%The Security Guard made sure she was not going to escape again; By tying her wrists to the brass headboard, therefore when the belt landed on her quivering bottom, she didn't have much wriggle room, although she had a good try and had to be warned to keep her position.
caningm/fspanking 68.5%Her friend on the other side of the world can hear her screams of pain as the cane lands on her sore red cheeks. Handing the phone to HM Tom she is ordered to kneel on the armchair and it is in that position she is left to repeat ten times?
spankingm/fcaningsevere 81.7%The cane hits her hard and she screams out in agony. Then he changes to a thinner cane, that is faster and much more stingier. Still not satisfied that she's had enough, he instructs her to lie on her back and hold her legs up in the diaper position. He delivers the cane strokes hard and fast.
spankingm/fstrapcryingtears 82.8%She is told to lean over the arm of the sofa, putting both her hands flat on the floor. This makes her bare bottom easily accessible for the tawse. Telling her to count each stroke and say thank you for each one. She has to count twenty hard strokes.
spankingm/foutdooruniformleather paddle 83.7%Lottie feels the sting of the paddle and the cane, for smoking. Great outdoor corporal punishment scene!
spankingm/fbelt spankingleather belt 82.3%Now she is going to be punished, ten strokes for stealing and ten for lying to him. By the end of the twenty strokes, her poor bottom is cherry red, with angry welts across it. To further humiliate her, she is told to stand up, then lie full length over the bench but with her feet on either side of it.
spankingm/fcaningjeans spankingsevere 72.3%He gives her six strokes of the cane on her jeans covered bottom. 'Trousers down!' he barks at her, 'and get back in position'. The cane strikes her knickered bottom several times. When he pulls her knickers down, she protests, but is told to shut up.
spankingm/fcaningsevere 82.0%Losing patience with her, he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her knickers, while punctuating each spank with the words that corporal punishment is a universal language. Even while over his knee, she is defiant and protesting loudly.
spankingm/fcaning 75.9%Back in her room, she flings herself face down on the bed, rubbing her sore bottom in an attempt to rub away the soreness. She phones her friend and tells her what has just happened to her. Then tossing the phone aside, she gives in to a bout of crying.
spankingm/fotkstrapcaningcryingtearssevereuniform 78.0%He tells her that if she doesn't stay in place, the caning is likely to go on all night. With a super human effort, she manages to stay still and accept her punishment. When it is over, she is told to get into bed. Michael leaves her gently stroking her very hot sore bottom.
spankingm/fcaningoutdoor 75.0%He tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.
caningm/fseverespanking 75.0%So she has no alternative but to agree to what he is saying. The cane comes down hard on her taut rounded bottom. Too soon, she endures many more strokes of the cane than she needs to. Eventually, she screams out, 'enough sir' while the tears run down her cheeks.
spankingm/fseverebelt spankingleather belt 81.5%150 severe blows with the belt for Roseanna, on her bare ass, for skipping class again!
spankingm/fcaningblack girls 81.4%It seems that she has again done something to upset Mr Thompson who is now relying on HM Tom to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. He invites him to stay on the phone so that he can hear her being caned. The cane makes contact with Sally's bottom, causing her to cry out loudly.
hairbrushm/fotkspankingblack girls 80.0%He uses the back of a hairbrush on her knickered bottom, the strokes are fast. He's hitting her so hard the hairbrush comes to grief. She is lying face down on the bed and is told to keep that position while he goes in search of another hairbrush.
spankingm/fwooden paddlesevere 73.2%Twice before she has come home late and been warned that there would be no more warnings. He brings the large wooden paddle down hard on her poor bottom. Apart from a squeal of pain she knows better than to move out of position.
spankingm/fwooden paddle 75.7%The Headmaster hardly believe his eyes: the kitchen looks like a mess! Across his knees, a spanking on her bare bottom, followed by numerous blows with the large wooden paddle, is waiting for Simone.
leather paddlem/fspanking 78.3%International phone calls without permission, for hundreds of Dollars! It comes as no real surprise that Headmaster Tom is not in a mood for a verbal warning anymore, but rather resorts to a corporal punishment with the paddle.
spankingm/fcaningoutdoor 78.3%Watching Television, rather than doing the yard work? No girl, NOT a good idea! Watch Vanessa bent over with her buttocks exposed, receiving a hard caning outdoor in the garden for her disobedience.
spankingm/foutdoorwooden paddle 69.9%This day Headmaster Tom just didn't care about Sanna raising a hue and cry, when he was beating her bare bottom black and blue with a strap and the wooden paddle, straightaway out there in the garden!
spankingm/fbelt spankingleather beltsevere 69.5%He starts off by hand spanking her then tells her to take all her clothes off. She is instructed to lie over the table with a sofa cushion under her tummy. Pulling his belt from its loops, he doubles it and lays it across her already very sore bottom.
caningm/fseverespankingwooden paddle 81.1%Download this video and see it for yourself: a young Swedish beauty receiving the corporal punishment of her life, with the wooden paddle and the cane on her bared bottom, 20 minutes non-stop corporal punishment, no way out!
caningm/fseverespanking 83.7%Since several weeks Simone is sneaking out of Girls Boarding School at night, meeting a stranger man downhill in the City for having kinky sex with him, as the diary explicitly details! A severe corporal punishment for Simone, resulting into a swollen bottom covered with weals.
belt spankingjeans spankingleather beltm/fseverespanking 74.5%At some point even the most patient Headmaster just boils over, taking more serious and more effective measures. Vanessa experiencing Headmaster Tom's indignation firsthand in this movie, a severe spanking with the belt, with grave consequences for her buttocks.
leather paddlem/fspankinguniform 74.1%She cries and jumps up after each stroke, but he is determined to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Although her bottom was already very sore from her previous spanking, now he brings back a flush to her cheeks.
spankingm/fotkleather paddlepijama 78.8%Bending over the end of the bed, with her face in the mattress, her poor sore red bottom is made even more red and sore as the leather paddle makes contact with it. She then has to apologise for each broken rule and promise not to do it again.
spankingm/fcaning 77.4%Look who is sitting there at Girls Boarding School again, with a heavy list of offenses, misconducts and wrongdoings in the past 24 months, including multiple times in prison! So a reset to zero for Claire, to start all over again, to learn how a young lady is expected to behave.
m/fpijamaseverespankingstrap 79.6%Vanessa earning herself a severe corporal punishment on her bare bottom, every evening on 3 consecutive days before she goes to bed, with the strap, the leather paddle, the taws and the bath brush. Severe stuff!
m/fotkspanking 72.5%A lazy-schoolgirl having a lazy afternoon... reading some nice magazines and listening to some cool music... being alone at home can be fun! Alone?? Really??? Watch the video.
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Two young lovelies spanked and caned on their pert round asses
Four girls bend over for a spanking with their knickers around their ankles
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Big assed naked blonde caned and ashamed in the kitchen - deep purple stripes
Lazy girl sripped naked in the field and relentlessly caned on her very cute bottom
HD spanking f/f caning leather paddle diaper position
Schoolgirl spanked, caned and humiliated
Pretty school girl caned hard on her stunning young ass
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Filthy whore spreads her ass cheeks wide for a blistering spanking
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Mixed set of severe punishments at California Star
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Shameful bare assed strapping in the bedroom - fully exposed cunt and asshole
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Pretty blonde caned to tears - hot stripes and welts
Painful cure with the cane
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Humiliating punishment for school girl - blistered cheeks and exposed cunt
Two navy girls strapped on the naked bottoms with three tailed tawse - hot red cheeks
Misbehaving girl caned on her naked buttocks in the back yard - bruised and swollen cheeks
Caned by the pool side on her big beautiful ass - hot stripes
Gorgeous girl restrained gagged and strapped on her big round bottom
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Aroused by the cane
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Corporal punishment for the secretary
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April 19Naughty Girls Get Strapped Bare- Daddy's Wallet 2His big hands pull her cotton panties down to the center of her thighs to continue her punishment. His heavy belt collides with her succulent cheeks, throbbing swollen and red. 20 looks of the razor strap on her bare bottom drive the lesson home has she promises to be a good girl.
April 19You're Gonna Get A Spanking - Part OneAlex's panties come down in short order, and the gorgeous nude then receives a stinging hairbrush spanking. Moving on quickly as Alex's bottom heats up, Chelsea decides it's the perfect time for a strapping.
April 17Bared And CanedGetting caught peeing in the school yard, she goes on all fours as she gets some hand spanks because she's not bending over for her punishment! The real punishment of a caning on her bare bottom as she finally bends over, and screams with every whack of the cane!
April 16Varsity Star Paddled By The Coach - Casey CalvertTopless in the coaches office, Casey stands with her hands against the wall, bottom thrust out for the paddle. His big paddle covers both her cheeks in a barrage of painful blistering swats. Her Discipline continues with her panties removed fully nude under the coach's lecherous gaze.
April 16Find N Spank - POV Spanking'In Find N Spank, a great POV video from Disciplinary Arts. Kyle comes home to find a note on the table which says ''Find me and You can Spank me!'' from his wife Johanna Sullivan. Her bottom is turned bright red and stingy as his hand firmly paddles her little bare butt.
Girls Nighty Out - Casey Otk Spanking In Daisy DukesWay past her curfew she is thrown across his knee, spanking the seat of her skimpy Daisy Dukes as she begs to use the bathroom. Her shorts are lowered to continue her spanking on the seat of her cotton panties. Her pretty cheeks wobble as his heavy hand leaves no area unpunished.
Spanking Model ApplicationsLinda and Cathy interview to be spanking models, part of it is being spanked of course, so the girls kneel on the couch as some gentle hand spanks start and then the paddle comes into play!
Arielle Lane Topless Belt WhippingThe crack of the heavy belt smacking down on the seat of her panties echoes off the walls. She moans as the impact reverberates through her entire body. Relentlessly the belt cracks down. Pulling the cotton fabric between her cheeks for a wedgy exposing more flesh to the punishing belt.
April 09The Toilet Paper EpisodeWhile visiting Chelsea, Luci visits the bathroom where she finds a large package of toilet paper rolls. Being in need of some at her home, she decides to 'borrow' a roll without asking. Why not just ask? Naughty Luci. It's time for a spanking!
Late For The Spanking ShootChelsea hates being held up when she's ready to get the spankings started and Stevie was late. More than one girl has had her bottom toasted for this infraction and Stevie is no exception. Plus, Chelsea was ready and waiting with a hairbrush in hand!
Summer Of The All American Slut - Chrissy Marie And Casey Calvert Topless At The PoolChrissy Marie is first across daddy's lap, protesting her innocence as he spanks her bottom in a thong bikini. Adding humiliation when her thong is pulled down, leaving her exposed for the paddle has she cries and moans
I Definitely Need A Spanking - Part OneDarling Christy, dressed in a charming little bit of purple lingerie, presents herself for the sensual spanking she needs. Chelsea doesn't hesitate and takes the lady in need over her knee. Chelsea begins with a warming hand spanking, but soon progresses to a paddle and then ANOTHER!
April 12Filthy Girl Shower Time Belt WhippingAshley Lane is naked, her soaked pants pulled down to her ankles as she mops the floor with a towel to clean up her mess. Scolding for her for being a dirty girl, his thick belt cracking down on her naked cheeks.
Cheergirl RivalsLola tricked her rival, Wynter, into wearing a retro style uniform to make her look silly but this backfires when the coach sees what she has done and decides that both these girls should see if they can take a disciplinary spanking instead, then maybe they can both make the team if they behave!
A Pretty, Spankable Bottom - Part OneSexy Apricot goes willingly over Chelsea's knee for a sizzling, sensual spanking adventure. Chelsea begins spanking Apricot's ever-so-spankable bottom with her hand, but quickly realizes Apricot needs a bit more sting. Out comes a good, old-fashioned hairbrush. And then, a sexy, stinging crop!
Brat Get The Belt And Paddle With Their Pants DownWith her pants pulled down her purple splotched bottom is exposed for more harsh belt whipping. The paddle swats fall hard and relentless, turning her bottom solid purple as she sobs. She was given a short break to rub her punished flesh and collect her composure before continuing her discipline.
Topless Schoolgirl Caning - Ashley LaneThe cane cuts through the air, whistling before impact. Cutting a painful welt as the strokes fall methodically across her bottom and thighs. Building intensity, Ashley Lane finally breaks down. Clenching, dancing and howling in pain as she tries to steel herself for the next strokes.
The Lena Ramone Stories - Sexual SpankingSexual Spanking is one super sexed-up spanking session with a special vibrating toy, called the Vibestrap... Chelsea straps it onto her thigh and then places Lena just so, then the sexy spanking begins!
Summer Vacation Spanking - Paddle And Belt On JeansHer voluptuous cheeks bounce under his hand and paddle, beginning to moan from the first solid swats. A brutal drilled paddle forces whimpers out of her as he brings in down hard on her sit spots repeatedly. She is ordered over the edge of the bed for a healthy dose of his belt.
Religious NuttersThey kiss a little before Pandora takes down her jeans and goes over the knee and Catherine gives some good hard hand spanks! But they get caught by Mr Cameron, so the ladies must bend over the couch bottoms up for a good spanking with the strap!
Bare Bottom Paddling Milf Maintenance - Stevie RoseHer panties are pulled down, he uses a heavy wood paddle splatting down on her scorched bottom. She begins to wail in agony , ordered to spread her legs, the belt beats her forcefully. Wobbling cheeks as she cries, she is ordered to remove her top, leaving her nude for the remainder of her paddling.
Discipline Auditions: Lorelies Emotional Release Part 1She is going to be seeing Stevie in a Tears by Stevie session for her bad behaviors, but beforehand, she asks Kyle to get her into the headspace by pre-spanking her to tears before Stevie gets ahold of her.
Caning At HomeAbigail gets in trouble for her school report, that was not very good and no improvement was made! She is put over the knee for a hand spanking on her bare bottom making her bottom really red and sore! She then bends over the couch as she gets thrashed with the cane!
Caned And Slippered Prefects (caned Headgirls)The head school girls are chatting about getting disciplined, as the Headmaster comes in and confronts them on misbehaving! So each girl gets slippered on her bare bottom as they are bend over, and then Katie gets caned!