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No doubt, Girls Boarding School was one of the first and one of the most important landmarks in the spanking community. Since more than a decade, Girls Boarding School is making a clear statement about how to punish and discipline defiant girls. Enjoy our exclusive previews of some of the best videos ever produced, in the infamous facility of Girls Boarding School.

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Bound to be spankedMr Lewis when given the choice chooses the big wooden paddle while HM Tom has the small one. For every stroke of the big paddle, HM Tom gives her six of the small paddle. At the start of the punishment her bottom is still very red and sore from her punishment from the previous week.
Quick and preciseUsing the leather paddle he hits her poor defenceless bottom several times, causing her to cry out in pain. Then to add more to the humiliation he orders her to lower her trousers and get back in position. Now the paddle is cracking down on her bare, bruised and battered bottom.
Expelled from School - Part 1After a while Mr Hyde picks up the hairbrush, and once again Kissie's bare bottom is subjected to even further punishment. By the time he is finished with her, the temptation to argue any further vanishes and instead she is left with a very sore and bruised bottom.
Good News and Bad NewsLeaving her standing there with her jeans and knickers round her ankles and her very red sore bottom on display, he tells her he'll be back in another hour and if she's still crying, she'll be left for another hour and so on. Will she ever stop crying?
The Laundry RoomShe is ordered to lie face down over the wooden laundry basket. Her well spanked bare bottom fully displayed. To her shame she is to lie there for half an hour, so anyone going into the laundry will see how she has been spanked and humiliated.
Playing GamesEmma is so deep in her video games, that she completely forgets that Headmaster Tom is waiting for her to show up in his office, to present her homework. A severe caning, full force strokes on her bare bottom, will hopefully teach her not to forget her daily duties again!
8 o'clock bedtimeNo later than 8 o'clock in the evening it's bedtime! Watch Elin struggling and whining while the belt is hitting her bottom again and again, until the bedtime rule is finally getting through to her.
New Resident JustineDespite her constant apologies, her spelling goes from bad to worse. Eventually, he insists on her removing all her clothing, he intends to humiliate her, which he certainly does. As the broad leather paddle makes contact with her already sore bottom, she has to count each stroke.
m/fspankingstrap 75.6%Leaving the tiptoe position would have a terrible consequence: the spanking would immediately start again right from the beginning, regardless of how many strokes have been received already!
spankingm/fwooden paddleblack girlsjeans spanking 69.9%Reminding her that he's seen girls boobs hundreds of times, he orders her to bend forward, with her hands on her knees. Starting off with the leather paddle, he applies it to her jeans covered bottom. Fifteen strokes later and he changes to using the wooden paddle.
spankingm/fsevereleather beltbelt spanking 76.7%His leather belt strikes her across her quivering bottom, making the cheeks wobble as it makes contact. Then he tells her to open her trousers and get back into position, tugging down her blue jeans, he bares her bottom, that is looking very sore with signs of bruising.
spankingm/fotk 75.6%He's determined to teach this girl obedience. He hand spanks her for ten minutes and warns her that at GBS she will be receiving a spanking every day for one reason or another for the six months she will be at the school.
spankingm/fleather paddle 76.0%He brings the leather paddle down hard on her quivering cheeks and she screams out with the pain and attempts to straighten up, but she is told to get back into position. Ignoring her obvious distress, he carries on with the paddling.
spankingm/fotkstrapuniform 83.1%By the time he has hit her already sore bottom a further half dozen times she is begging him to stop. However, as he tells her, he'll stop when he's ready. Now as the final part of her punishment she is going to receive ten strokes of the paddle on her sore red bottom.
spankingm/fcaning 77.4%Look who is sitting there at Girls Boarding School again, with a heavy list of offenses, misconducts and wrongdoings in the past 24 months, including multiple times in prison! So a reset to zero for Claire, to start all over again, to learn how a young lady is expected to behave.
spankingm/fotk 78.4%Despite her pleading with him to stop spanking her, he continues, saying he'll stop when he's ready to. Then telling her to stand up and fetch the hairbrush, she obeys him. Back over his knee, he uses the brush to make her poor bottom even sorer and redder.
spankingm/fwooden paddle 83.1%Ordering her to remove her trousers knickers and shoes, so that she is completely naked, she is to stand against the wall for two hours with her hands on her head. When her fellow students at Girls Boarding School come home – Christine and her very red bottom will be in full view.
spankingm/fcaningblack girls 78.8%Ordering her to pull down her trousers, HM Tom notices that her shoes are definitely not suitable footwear for a girl at Girls Boarding School, so opening the window wide, he throws them out. Then the caning continues on her bare bottom.
spankingm/foutdoorwooden paddle 69.9%This day Headmaster Tom just didn't care about Sanna raising a hue and cry, when he was beating her bare bottom black and blue with a strap and the wooden paddle, straightaway out there in the garden!
spankingm/fcaningjeans spankingsevere 80.6%Sanna is in trouble. She is told to bend over in readiness for the cane. The cane descends on her taut jeans covered bottom, with a resounding crack. Immediately followed by her scream of pain.
spankingm/fotkstrapcaningcryingtearssevereuniform 78.0%He tells her that if she doesn't stay in place, the caning is likely to go on all night. With a super human effort, she manages to stay still and accept her punishment. When it is over, she is told to get into bed. Michael leaves her gently stroking her very hot sore bottom.
caningm/fspanking 81.3%Outtakes from Sanna's Real Life Punishment at Girls Boarding School. Long OTK and severe caning!
spankingm/fcaningsevereotk 86.0%Firstly, a hand spanking over his knee, followed by six strokes of the thin cane. She then has to ask him nicely to please use the thicker cane on her bare bottom. She has a very red striped bottom by the time the twelfth stroke has landed.
spankingm/fpijamaseverebelt spankingleather beltdiaper position 74.2%Watch Nicole being held in an embarrassing diaper position, for a strong punishment with the belt on her backside. Also don't miss the extra minutes at the end of this video, when Simone is putting lotion on the swollen bottom of her sobbing roommate.
spankingm/fcaningsevere 82.0%Losing patience with her, he pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her on top of her knickers, while punctuating each spank with the words that corporal punishment is a universal language. Even while over his knee, she is defiant and protesting loudly.
spankingm/fbirch 75.6%Vanessa should have known it already: ignoring her domestic work will bring her into serious trouble! It came as no real surprise that she finds herself bent over all the dirty clothes, with her trousers and knickers pulled down, for a proper punishment with the birch on her bare bottom.
spankingm/fwooden paddlesevere 73.2%Twice before she has come home late and been warned that there would be no more warnings. He brings the large wooden paddle down hard on her poor bottom. Apart from a squeal of pain she knows better than to move out of position.
spankingm/fotkleather paddlepijama 78.8%Bending over the end of the bed, with her face in the mattress, her poor sore red bottom is made even more red and sore as the leather paddle makes contact with it. She then has to apologise for each broken rule and promise not to do it again.
spankingm/fseverebelt spankingleather belt 81.5%150 severe blows with the belt for Roseanna, on her bare ass, for skipping class again!
spankingm/fcaningsevere 81.7%The cane hits her hard and she screams out in agony. Then he changes to a thinner cane, that is faster and much more stingier. Still not satisfied that she's had enough, he instructs her to lie on her back and hold her legs up in the diaper position. He delivers the cane strokes hard and fast.
spankingm/foutdooruniformleather paddle 83.7%Lottie feels the sting of the paddle and the cane, for smoking. Great outdoor corporal punishment scene!
spankingm/fcaningpijama 82.5%The cane comes down on her creamy white bottom, changing it to a deep shade of red. Although she cries out and flinches, she stays in position. To humiliate her further, HM Tom tells her to thank him after each stroke.
spankingm/fwooden paddle 76.1%She is now feeling guilty and believes that a session with the wooden paddle will help ease her guilty conscience. HM Tom lets her decide how many strokes of the wooden paddle she should receive. She accepts the punishment stoically.
spankingm/f 77.4%She kneels on the couch and bends over the arm spreading her hands on the floor. She has already told him she wants a hand spanking, so he spanks her on top of her pink tight fitting knickers. He spanks her harder and faster, until she tells him she's had enough.
leather paddlem/fspankinguniform 74.1%She cries and jumps up after each stroke, but he is determined to teach her a lesson she won't forget in a hurry. Although her bottom was already very sore from her previous spanking, now he brings back a flush to her cheeks.
spankingm/fcarpet beateruniformcryingtearssevere 75.9%Beating out a rapid tattoo on her sore bottom, that has become red and blotchy with definite signs of bruising, she has stopped being rude and stroppy. He tells her that he's going to give her a final six strokes with the carpet beater. Obediently, she does exactly what he has told her to do and say.
spankingm/fcaningsevere 82.1%When Headmaster Tom tells her to take down her trousers, the camera reveals her bruised and blistered cheeks, with red angry welts all over her madly gyrating bottom. And it just doesn't stop for this poor brat? Further fierce strokes with the cane to come on her naked buttock!
spankingm/fstrapasian 79.9%Jodie finds herself on all fours on bed, fully naked, to do her homework, while the Headermaster is spanking her relentlessly with the tawse, until her work is finally complete.
spankingm/fcarpet beateruniformasian 81.5%He asks her if she's going to behave in future and she quietly answers yes. Even though she has agreed to stick to the school rules, Michael says he's going to give her a final eight strokes of the carpet beater and she is to count each stroke and thank him for it.
spankingm/fcaningoutdoor 75.0%He tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed.
Naked blonde sweetie gets severe strapping across her palms and buttocks - tears of pain
Severe palm punishments for cutie in pain - relentless hard strokes
Severe caning for naked girl bent across the table in pain
Four girls bend over for a spanking with their knickers around their ankles
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Slutty blonde caned severely naked on her bared bottom
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Dark skinned lovely spanked otk on her big bottom in the kitchen
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Disobedient schoolgirl facing the consequences
Pretty girl in tears - searing cane strokes on her soft white buttocks
Two pretty school girls spanked on their delightful bare bottoms by sexy prefect
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Sultry young girl bent over the desk and thrashed with a riding crop on her bare bottom - deep welts
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Mixed set of severe punishments at California Star

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April 23Arielle Lane Paddled Severely - Harsh Nude DisciplineShe launches forward with the force of each swat, her bare breasts swinging. Gritting her teeth with each severe swat, the second paddle soon has her fighting back the tears. Her bottom is bruised and blistered, she obediently counts the final 10 terrible Swats.
April 23Spanking Little Miss ChatterboxOne of Chelsea's pet peeves are one way conversations. You know, the kind where you can't get a word in edge edgewise? So, after enduring this unfortunate trait in her roommate, Stevie, for quite some time, Chelsea decides enough is enough. Finally, Chelsea's going to be heard!
April 23Dishing It OutFor lying, he bends her over their dirty counter and proceeds to handspank her bare bottom as hard as he car to make sure that this is the last time she leaves the house without panties and the last time she leaves dirty dishes in the sink!
April 19Naughty Girls Get Strapped Bare- Daddy's Wallet 2His big hands pull her cotton panties down to the center of her thighs to continue her punishment. His heavy belt collides with her succulent cheeks, throbbing swollen and red. 20 looks of the razor strap on her bare bottom drive the lesson home has she promises to be a good girl.
April 19You're Gonna Get A Spanking - Part OneAlex's panties come down in short order, and the gorgeous nude then receives a stinging hairbrush spanking. Moving on quickly as Alex's bottom heats up, Chelsea decides it's the perfect time for a strapping.
A Spanking In The CardsLuci chooses Chelsea as her subject for the card reading, without Chelsea's consent. When the cards are laid out and Chelsea discovers the negative meaning of their layout, upon seeing what Luci was up to, there's sore repercussions for Luci.
The BullyShe is told she will be handspanked and then given the slipper til she crys so she knows how it feels to be bullied. She is spanked standing up before being made to embarrissingly face her guardian with her panties down as he talks about her body.
Slutty Cheerleader Spanked By The Coach - Brittany ShaeCaught under the bleachers blowing the quarterback, she is in for stern discipline. Standing up she goes over the coaches knee, her skirt flipped up exposing white thong panties as he smacks her pretty bottom bright red. Two camera angles catch her her bouncing bottom, and pretty face as she is punished.
I Definitely Need A Spanking - Part OneDarling Christy, dressed in a charming little bit of purple lingerie, presents herself for the sensual spanking she needs. Chelsea doesn't hesitate and takes the lady in need over her knee. Chelsea begins with a warming hand spanking, but soon progresses to a paddle and then ANOTHER!
The New Girlfriend Part 2 Bedroom Hair BrushingSean has rang his girlfriend and asked her to come back. They enter the bedroom and the girls are made to apologise and show her their sore bottoms. She does not feel that they have been punished enough and suggests that both girls should be punished with the hairbrush.
Hitchhiking ConsequencesIn 'Hitchhiking Consequences', Johanna is at the road trying to get signal after Kyle and her car broke down on the side of the road. This multi-angled video is a beautiful outdoor background for a very sound and severe spanking to a very irresponsible young lady!
You Deserve ThisIn a story with no plot other than Alex understands it's time for a spanking, the lush beauty goes apprehensively over Chelsea's knee. First, Alex takes her hand spanking, but soon there's a deceptively sweet heart shaped paddle...a THICK wooden one! Alex certainly gets all that she deserves!
She Broke Up With Him By TextThe beautiful, although somewhat heartless, Stevie goes straight over Chelsea's knee for a hot, quick lesson in proper relationship protocol. One hot, burning bottom later, the fetching blonde has thoroughly her lesson!
Apricot Needs A Spanking - Part OneApricot presents her pretty self for a sexy spanking and that's just what she gets. She drapes her sweetly attired self over Chelsea's knee and soon she's being paddled!
Kissing Mr Johnson: A Fantasy RoleplayShe says maybe she needs to be spanked, and he agrees. He makes the smirking little girl stand up and fetches his large ruler, telling her to bend over. A VERY SEXY SPANKING FANTASY FROM A VERY NAUGHTY NEW MENTEE!
Double Desert DisciplineHe places them side by side and takes turns giving short but SOUND hand-spanking segments to each girl as they giggle. Two bright red bottoms and lots of yelps and squirms take place in the beautiful California desert in this HIGHLY beautiful and artistic HARD SPANKING CLIP!
How Did You Get Into Spanking - Part TwoLizzy's hot spanking session continues with more paddling, this time it's a little but deceptively hard wooden paddle. Then comes a cropping and finally a strapping! Lizzy's bottom is red hot, but her face is smiling!
A Policy Of Paddling - Bare Bottom Paddling For Slutty Cheerleader Brittany ShaeThe paddle is giant, fully covering both of her cheeks with each swat. The splat of wood across her succulent cheeks echoes in the room along with her cries. 10 swats with a giant paddle drilled with holes as Britney promising to mend her slutty ways.
She Wants A Spanking - Part OneGinger wants her spanking so badly, she dresses in a naughty little bit of lingerie to encourage it. Chelsea takes the hint, of course, and is happy to comply. She begins Ginger's spanking with a nice, hot hand spanking. However, things heat up even more when the paddling begins!
Her Little Discipline Session - Part OneDressed in only sexy panties and bra, it's clear Stevie is ready for her necessary discipline session. Chelsea begins the discipline with a hand spanking, but quickly progresses to a paddling!
April 13Tormenting The VicarFae and Masie are confessing the prank they played on the Vicar, throwing eggs at his car and finding it hilarious. Both girls are bent over the back of the couch with their bottoms bared, and are spanked soundly with the Hand and Slipper by the very angry Mum
SleepoverA moist pillow fight is the last straw for Michael and he teaches the girls that they should have listened to him earlier rather than get the painful bare bottom spanking in front of each other!
The PrankHarley thinks it might be funny to hide Chelsea's cellphone under a pillow. In no time, Harley is over Chelsea's knee and the ensuing hard hand spanking leaves Harley's bottom bright red hot!
Discipline Auditions: KendraThe SEXY LITTLE Kendra starts in tight shorts and a loose little shirt, and proceeds to strip BUTT NAKED as she is spanked in various positions of HER CHOOSING with implements she wants to try out for the FIRST TIME on her PERT little BARE BOTTOM!