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New Resident Louise

Louise, spanking, m/f, caning, outdoor

Louise is a new resident at Girls Boarding School. She is sat on a straight-backed chair, her body language is shouting out; Help what's going to happen to me? When Headmaster Tom comes to greet her, he soon makes her feel even more nervous. He goes over their verbal agreement before asking her to read and sign a contract. She has of her own free will entered Girls Boarding School. By her own admittance she has been out of control and now wants to learn how to make something of her life and HM Tom is more than willing to help her.So he hands her the contract, telling her to read it and if there is anything in it that she does not understand or agree with, she should discuss it with him, before signing the contract. Reading through it, HM Tom hears her gasp and say, 'Oh my god.'She's read the part that mentions corporal punishment as being the norm at GBS. She signs the contract, Now HM Tom points out to her another rule. That is every new girl has to spend the whole of the first two weeks at GBS not wearing trousers, skirts or knickers.It's now that she is going to take part in a little game. HM Tom hands her an ice bucket and instructs her to put in her hand and pull out a piece of paper, which he unfolds and reads aloud to her. Then she has to pull out another two pieces of paper. HM Tom tells her what each of the three pieces of paper say on them. 1. A hand spanking over the knee for three minutes 2. Ten strokes of the cane 3. Corner time with her hands on her head for thirty minutes. She is ordered to prepare herself by taking down her trousers and knickers.They are gathered around her ankles. He tells her to get over his knee. Using her watch, he's going to hand spank her for exactly three minutes. The next stage is the caning. At the end of the ten strokes, her poor bottom is looking very sore indeed. For the third part she is to stand in the corner with her hands on her head, for thirty minutes. Before he leaves her, he tells her to completely remove her trousers and knickers that are gathered around her ankles. Leaving her to reflect on what had just happened, is she going to be able to last out for a year or two?

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